She held the silver gun, sunlight flickered off the tip of the barrel as she pulled the trigger; her finger moving in rapid succession while the bullets released. Teacher slipped to the side dodging the first few bullets others bounced off of the cars that he hid behind ricocheting. Aeros screeched above seeing his friend below being attacked by the Law agent. She glanced up seeing the eagles concern.
“You’re the eyes in the sky aren’t you?” She raised her gun taking aim letting off a few rounds, Aeros titled maneuvering she sounded frustrated then collected herself. She traced the sky following Aeros. “I got you now birdie!” she said under her breath.
“No!” Teacher yelled enraged bolting from behind his cover he unsheathed one of his butter fly swords racing toward the agent. She caught sight of Teacher bringing her gun down pointing it right at him. She fired a few shots, Teacher swung his sword deflecting both bullets. The Law agent was stunned by this, she had never seen such speed before; Teacher was upon her slicing downward cutting through her gun rendering it useless. He took a few more slices in an attempt to cut her down but she avoided the attack stepping back barely getting away.
“Haha you missed guardian, nice try though. My turn now!” The agent talked bravely but hid the concern of what she saw, Teacher had displayed speed that she had never seen before in a guardian; she wondered if she would be able to defeat him. She quickly rushed at Teacher punching smoothly, effortlessly; Teacher side stepped quickly to the left smacking away the first strike then stepped to the right swatting away the second fist. He executed a front kick that landed directly into the Law agents midsection, she flew back winded. Teacher sent a barrage of punches and kicks she felt the sheer force and power behind each strike. She was confused, Law sent her to kill the guardian but she didn’t have sufficient power to do so; she knew that now. A few of Teachers strikes made their way trough the agents defenses striking her in the face instantly causing dizziness.
“You are banished from this mortal body demon!” Teacher cried out while bringing down his sword upon the agent, it was glowing red around the edges of the blade something the demon had never seen before in a guardians weapon or even heard of. The mere sight and question caused the demon to flee the woman’s body instantly, she fell to the ground with a thud gasping. Teacher stood over her naked form, leaning down he ripped off the gas mask the woman breathed laboriously putting one hand to her sweaty forehead. Teacher glared at the woman disgusted, a frown was strong upon his face.
“Where am I?” The woman asked.
“Back in hell where you belong!” He said before walking off. He knew that the woman gave herself freely to the demon; it was the only way a possession could take place. He didn’t feel sorry for the woman, he left her there naked but she was marked by Law; he saw the little red pitchfork tattoo on her hip it meant she was Law property. Only a fool would bother to rape or kill her. As for Teacher he wasn’t in the business of killing defenseless women; besides she would have to face Gods judgement for her actions. She gave herself freely to the enemy of God; surely that was a bad decision.