Teacher and the angel had been walking a good four hours with nothing spoken between them; and for some reason Teacher was starting to feel edgy. He tried to keep it respectful when he talked. “So not that I’m not used to it, I mean angels have been visiting me since I was saved by one back when I was a boy…”
“But…” The old man said with a smile waiting for Teacher to finish.
“You’ve been walking with me now for most of the morning; it’s not like I’m bothered by it but I’m not used to it I guess. I mean you could’ve disappeared and flew away but you’re still here walking with me”
The angel’s wrinkled fleshly face was calm. “If it didn’t bother you then maybe you wouldn’t have brought up the fact that it did; but I walk with you because I am”
“And you speak in a way that didn’t answer my question, that’s so like you guys!” Teacher said annoyed, his face was flustered; he kept his eyes out in front of him as if to protest by not looking at the old man.
“Why does it bother you?” The old man asked.
“What?” Teacher replied forgetting what the conversation was about showing exactly how much the old man had irritated him.
“Why should it bother you that I am walking with you?” The old man asked calmly.
“I guess it shouldn’t, I’m just used to working alone”
“And work alone you shall, but let me ask you Mathew; how strong is your faith?”
Teacher gave a glance over with the look of perturbed. “I am a guardian, a warrior for God am I not?”
“And even those that have followed God have fallen, some even going against His word even when instructed to carry out His wishes. Take the example of Jonah who did not want to do what God had told him…”
“Yea, yea I know the story, but what’s that got to do with me!” Teacher said flustered.
“I am merely reminding you to let things take the course they are meant to, nothing more Mathew”
“What do you mean…?” Mathew glanced over seeing that he finally walked alone, the angel was gone.
“God has increased your power, it will be needed against the rising numbers of Law soldiers and warriors that have been sent out to hunt down and kill the remaining guardians. Law is getting desperate wanting to see his goals realized” the angels voice echoed then faded away. Teacher noticed that things were so silent he could hear his feet walking as they crushed the grass. This area hadn’t been infected with the chaos that surrounded it; no sounds of women crying out for help or men fighting to kill one another over lord knew what. Or the familiar sound if a child weeping or baby crying hungry for food. Teacher noticed a road off to his right, he was so busy thinking about other things he hadn’t seen the road and meant either he was going near a city or suburb, the roads almost always carried Law soldiers or someone just as vile. No sane person would drive on any road the possibility for danger was just too high. The roads were markers for avoiding the cities and suburbs: but this time Teacher would follow the road that would take him into the city, he had important business there. He laughed over the fact that he was going to the city, no one in their right mind went to any city; the cities were always run by Law. Teacher knew that he had to go, to set things in motion. A screech from the eagle caught his attention he glanced up watching the bird fly off away from the road, he could see what Aeros saw looking down at the green grass and trees below Teacher caught sight of of a dirt road that lead to an old junkyard full of vehicles no doubt long forgotten. Aeros caught sight of a pair of legs that instantly were identified as a female that were partially sticking out of the back seat of a car. Aeros made several passes screeching as he did so with no response; Teacher didn’t know if the woman was dead or dying, he had to find out. Either he would get to the woman and help her or give her proper burial. She appeared to be naked Teacher fought back the horrid thoughts that this poor woman was raped and then left for dead or worse. That was something that occurred way too often. His feet picked up pace, Teacher went into a sprint quickly making his way to the junkyard preparing himself for what he would find. He weaved through the cluttered maze of scrap until he finally caught sight of the woman’s legs dangling out of the back seat of the vehicle. He picked up his speed upon hearing heavy breathing from her maybe there was hope after all. He approached from the front of the vehicle seeing her legs raise then spread; he slowed upon seeing that her fingers traced across her lower region. He completely stopped when he saw that it appeared she was pleasuring herself; the breathing that he’d heard before repeated, it wasn’t sounds of pain as he thought initially. He quickly turned feeling embarrassed leaving the woman to her private moment.
“Where are you going, don’t you want to join me guardian?” The woman said, Teacher stopped quickly turning back around. Aeros began screeching repeatedly, Teacher sensed it too, he was so concerned with helping he didn’t sense before what the woman truly was. The woman slowly lowered her legs resting her bare feet on the ground. “Wow that felt good” she said. “Come here and give some of what I really want”
Teachers eyes squinted, what she said seemed to leave a nasty taste in his mouth.
“You’re an abomination, the vessel you reside in her soul was too weak to fight possession; I want nothing from you except your death demon!”
The woman sat up leaning out of the vehicle revealing a trade mark gas mask upon her face. She slowly stood up taking a few steps from the car then faced Teacher, Teacher found it odd that she wore only the mask yet had no clothing save for the gun belt that straddled her hips, a silver handgun rested in the holster on her left hip. “Why I think you’re looking at my body guardian, you like my nice firm breasts don’t you?” She giggled and started playing with them seductively while swaying her hips from side to side. She could sense that Teacher had never been with a woman intimately, Law was correct on choosing her to be naked. The ultimate distraction for a virgin, and she hoped that maybe Teacher would’ve taken the bait having a moment of weakness then it would’ve been an easy kill. Teacher stood frozen a moment taking in the beautiful naked form of the Law agent then quickly shook off his human urges, the agent drew her gun. “Well now, lets see how well you dance!”