For those that are reading any of my stories thank you, I know my writing is basic but the funny thing is that it’s deliberate. I grew up a country boy in Delaware Ohio, we were always going on family camp outings; and I always looked forward to hearing my great uncle tell stories by the fire. He was a great story teller, but he never went into deep detail about certain things in his story. He said “use your imagination, that brings your own flavor into my story” So that’s what I’m trying to do, just be a simple writer telling a story. There are master writers, books I’ve read that might take 20 or 30 pages to explain just a minor detail. And that’s great. But you won’t see me writing about a main character that walks past a squirrel who is taking a dump on the grass. It won’t take 30 pages in detail about the squirrels butt hole loosening as little turds came out or the air around the squirrels butt having a gastric smell. And I know some may not like my simplicity, but then again you can’t please everyone so why try. To repeat, I’m just a simple writer. On that note feel free to speak your mind on my stories if you’d like. Have a great day.