A young boy age nine slowly and cautiously makes his way through a cluttered alley, it’s in the city but no sounds of bustling activity can be heard. Grass grows up through the concrete, trash long forgotten spilled from trash cans have become part of the landscape; the city is barren and almost devoid of life. Many years ago the cars the litter the street sped up and down the the city streets carrying its passengers to and from places of employment or to other engagements, now those vehicles were rusted, busted windows and flat tires were all that remained. Buildings rose high into the sky, cracked or shattered windows with rusted outer shells that were decaying slowly being reclaimed by Mother Nature.
The boy’s name was Mathew, his parents were killed both in the past three years, this world was a violent one. There was only kill, or be killed in this place there was no room for peace makers; there was only a place for those who wanted to survive, sometimes you had to kill for what you needed or maybe someone wanted to kill you for what you had. Either way this was common place in the new world after the fall of the governments of man. Who knew that the financial crash of several countries would have the dramatic affect that it did on the world market? Many did know but it was too late to make a rebound, country after country fell to chaos eventually engulfing the entire world, those of the new world called this the Fall; referring to the fall of mankind. With the decline of the value of money came panic, and with panic feeding the masses it was too much for local law enforcement to the point that even the armies disbanded soldiers rushing home to protect their own families instead strangers from the rising crowds that rushed the streets. Some thought that government would rise again somewhere and in turn order along with it but that never happened. Instead small factions rose and did war with one another, violence was the rule of thumb. Many fled the cities only the factions that warred with one another stayed or a few foolish ones that thought the city was a refuge they too remained only to become victims of gangs. Then a faction from the west came sweeping slowly across the states easily crushing any faction or gang that stood before them. They were called Law. Law wasn’t as big as the old order of government but they had power and influence. Law had mass amounts of weapons, which was a new form of currency; they also had large rations of food, another form of currency. And then there was the vast amount of women that Law had for which was used for prostitution, the sins of the flesh Law reveled in such influence. It wasn’t weapons, or food that they used to keep the peace, or to influence. In the end it was women. Women to be rented out for pleasure or for work as slaves, or to bear children; this new world was not a good place if you were a female to be sure, it was bad enough for men but worse for women. Women had no say or influence in the new world and even less than that in the cities. Mathew’s father was stabbed to death for a bottle of water; his mother met a worse fate. She was captured by one of Law’s search parties and gang raped, when she tried to escape she was shot in the head, Mathew was shot in the arm and tossed out of a two story building and left for dead. He survived and slowly healed but had very little use of his left arm due to the gun shot wound.
It seemed by sheer luck that Mathew had survived this long, but it always seemed like his time was running out; Law search parties were always close to coming across him aggressively pursuing him. Mathew never understood why, there were others who took up refuge in the city but it was always him Law sought out the most. He sat at the edge of the alley hiding behind an old car that has grass growing all around and within it blending itself in with the natural surroundings. He slid up peeking from the back car window which was devoid of any glass; his eye kept dancing up and down the street patiently waiting about close to ten minutes for any sound or motion. When it seemed clear he got up looking about nervously while crossing the street his feet scurried making no sound but his desperate breathing was not so silent.
“Well, well” a voice came from up in a building not far from Mathew. His eyes floated about until he saw a man huddled in the shadows of the building across the street from him perched just at the edge of the window. The man was shirtless wearing a pair of worn out blue jeans and cowboy boots. On his face was a gas mask covering any true sign of how his eyes or face were; he was a Law soldier. Mathew stopped in his tracks fear overtaking him, the law soldier leapt with ease from the window in a spectacular display of skill not ordinary to humanity. He landed right in front of Mathew and quickly pulled out a butterfly knife from his back pocket, flipping it around until the blade was exposed.
“Law has been looking for you kiddo, don’t know how you hid so well for so long but the million dollar question is why are you so damn stupid? Should’ve left the city when you had the chance!” Mathew was speechless too afraid to move; he flinched when the soldier reached out pervertedly caressing the side of his face with the tip of his knuckle. “Heh…” The soldier laughed. “How could you be any threat to us? You’re just a boy!”
The screeching of a bird caught both of their attention they glanced upward to see a large eagle circling high above them.
Teacher woke sitting up quick gasping out loud; his wits came to him he glanced around seeing everyone asleep, it was early morning. The usual smile was gone from his face, he fought to wipe the bad memory from his mind. His childhood like most children in the new world, and if a child survived into adulthood would be haunted by at least one horrific memory. Teacher was haunted by many horrific memories. He stood up taking a deep breath he hasn’t realized until the dream how much he missed his parents. His mother was always very loving and attentive, he missed feeling her hands that always touched him when she spoke. She was always telling him things were going to be alright, that it would get better. Teachers father had a big sense of humor and even in the worst moments of the day or night he would joke around and get the family laughing. They were good people, they didn’t deserve to die, and if not for an angel he would have died by the hands of that Law soldiers knife in the city. It was then that Mathew was given a power that could bring order to the chaos. Teacher vowed to make things right in the new world, he had to for all the innocent blood that had been spilled.
“Do not fall into sorrow Mathew for you will see your family again in paradise! Rejoice in knowing these things!” Said an old man in white robed clothing, he stood beside Teacher placing his hand on his shoulder consoling. Teacher wasn’t surprised by the sudden appearance of the old man he was used to angels revealing themselves. Teacher glanced around at his slumbering comrades. “They are at rest Mathew, they need not be awake when you leave for your journey” the old man replied.
“Yes this has to end, and I will do my part to stop this evil!” Teacher said. “I’m so tired, I really am of all this death and killing and corruption! It has to end!”
The angel had no particular emotion on his face. “These things have been in mankind’s history since they turned from God. The foolish thought that humanity itself could bring peace to the world, that foolish notion has come to fruition, the Great Tribulation is the sign of the finals days before all of this ends. But first Law must be taken away from the flesh before judgement. The Guardians must do what they have been charged to do then all if this will end, and all wickedness will be wiped from the earth”
Teacher nodded his head in agreement his face was still solemn. “Yes” he said, his voice was soft and tired.