“So this is your student?” Inshallah pointed to Vale who stood against his bear Isa rubbing the side of her face her fur bunching up between his fingers as his hand glided along.
“Yes but he is still not fully trained, Isa has more instinct than Vale but she lets him fully lead so she doesn’t use her full potential; when they are better trained they will be a fine addition to the guardian ranks”
“I was told that I was the last of the guardians that none would come after me” Inshallah said.
“Who told you?” Teacher asked with a curious look on his face.
“A demon, but I should’ve known better seeing Vale is proof of that”
“The demon was correct Inshallah, you are the last one”
Inshallah was surprised by Teacher’s comment. “But what about Vale? He’s still hasn’t learned…”
Teacher cut in. “The one who was teaching him was slain by Law agents, not your run of the mill average law soldiers mind you no these were high ranked powerful demons” Teacher tilted his head in remembrance. “Shayla was a powerful guardian, her guardian animal was a bull named Magga; they were a force to be reckoned; that’s why it took four of Law high ranked to take her out” his face was solemn.
“I came across one of Laws high ranked demons as well, the demon paid for it!” Inshallah spoke as if her words were filthy when she spoke about the demon, her face was bitter full of rage but there was pride mixed in. Teacher looked up at her.
“I am aware of that battle, you did well Inshallah but the demon you fought was a weaker demon, there are more powerful ones that he” Inshallah fought to contain her surprise at what Teacher was saying; Magnus was a weaker demon? She felt that she barely beat him struggling at times in fact. Her only cause of victory was her rage that helped her overcome, Teacher saw her troubled face patting her on the shoulder he spoke with a smile.
“Give it time, you will see your skill grow in ways you never thought possible, there are many ways that a warrior can grow one of them is by teaching another” Teacher had a grin on his face, Inshallah hadn’t noticed.
“Maybe some day I will but for now I have some growing of my own to do” she looked up at Teacher feeling motives behind what he said.
“No it will start now, with Vale” he said. Inshallah threw up her hands in frustration.
“What? You can’t be serious? I thought you were training him?”
“Not anymore” Teacher said calmly. “I was instructed to come here and wait for you, once you arrived I was told to hand over Vale for you to teach”
Inshallah turned from Teacher and started to pace back and forth her eyes to the ground.
“But I’m not a teacher, and I’m nowhere as good as an instructor as you!”
“You don’t know until you try, but I have to leave in the morning my mission is elsewhere” he took a deep breath then sighed gently with a smile. “This isn’t a choice Inshallah you have to do this, and I have complete faith that you will do well”
Inshallah stopped her back turned to Teacher, crossing her arms she kept her eyes on the ground rolling them like a child throwing a tantrum. “Who told you that you have to be elsewhere?”
“An angel, but that is a foolish question Inshallah; you know who we fight for”
“Yea…” She turned around facing Teacher. “What is it that you have to do?”
Teacher continued to smile, he always seemed to keep a gentle face even in certain times of confrontation. “I can’t tell you that”
A half smile came to her face, she knew that would be the answer and she thought to herself that such a stupid question it was to ask. “It’s good to see you Teacher”
Teacher walked up to Inshallah embracing her, she reciprocated putting her arms around his midsection. “Yes this is a blessed moment, I’m very happy to see you as well” he said. They held each other both going silent. Inshallah closed her eyes enjoying this moment feeling the best she’d felt in some time. Being in Teacher’s arms made her feel protected and at peace.