The bear was massive his weight could be felt as he stomped the ground; his teeth seemed as long as Inshallah’s head and his paws were even bigger. It was a beast of great strength and power he stood before them challenging. Inshallah pulled out her dagger moving instantly giving the bear no time to get the advantage. “Move in behind and get on its back! Dig deep with your claws and stay mounted once you are there!” She ordered Leo. She moved in quickly, coaxing the animal to attack and it did swiping it’s huge paw with amazing speed at her. She easily maneuvered and dodged sliding underneath the bears paw then she slid backward keeping her dagger in front of her. Leo made a mad dash trying to slip behind the bear but the beast landed on all fours quickly swatting Leo back causing him to crash violently into the water with a large splash.
Inshallah cried out to her friend, anger set in from seeing Leo being swatted like a fly into the river, his head popped up and he slowly made his way out of the water he was injured. The bear sensed this rushing toward him on all fours it’s teeth displayed and ready for the attack; Inshallah ran cutting in between the bear and Leo continuing her sprint at the large animal. When she came just a few feet in front of it she leapt into the air flipping over the bear as it’s head tracked her motion. The bear snapped at her coming close to her leg as she flipped just above his head, she turned in mid air landing on its neck. He first instinct was to drive her dagger deep into its neck but she decided not to kill an innocent animal who strayed upon her and Leo and became frightened. Quickly sheathing her dagger she locked both arms around the bears neck and began squeezing tightly, the bear stood up on its hind legs trying to shake inshallah off but failed greatly, she was like a tick stuck to its host.
Within seconds the bear weakened starting to pass out from her choke hold. Landing back onto all fours heavily the bear staggered around dazed calling out sounding as if it was afraid. “Stop!” Vale yelled he hurried out of the bushes were he had been hiding. “That’s enough get off of her!” Vale pulled out his dagger his eyes trained on Inshallah, this was slightly confusing she held into the bear until it’s body fell; she leapt off its back before it hit the ground. Inshallah stared quizzically at Vale her head half cocked it was all starting to come together.
“You are a guardian aren’t you…?” Her voice trailed off.
“Good lord I would have to agree Inshy! What a horrible sloppy set up though!” Leo said making slow strides toward her, there was a slight limp in his motion; Inshallah glanced over quickly at him.
“You ok?” She said endearingly.
“Yea just my pride is a bit wounded”
Inshallah looked back at Vale who seemed to stand his ground his knife in front of him guardedly.
“If you hurt Isa I promise you it will be the last thing that you will do!” Vale yelled but it sounded more like crying, his voice cracked sounding stressed. It was obvious he was concerned with his partner who he had bonded with. Inshallah looked Vale up and down and started laughing.
“Really…?” She said not even containing her laughter. She could sense that Vale was the weaker foe. He hasn’t been training long enough. “Who is your teacher?” She asked a snicker came out behind her query. An eagle screeched high above them it’s wide wing span catching the wind current while it circled catching her attention. She looked up knowing instantly who the eagle was and who it belonged to.
“Hello Inshallah!” She was startled a moment while she turned, her jaw felt like it dropped when she saw the man who approached; it was her teacher. The man who found her and gave her a reason to live, a cause to fight for. His walk was smooth and silent, his eyes went past Inshallah to Vale.
“I told you that you would lose, much training is still needed!” He walked up to Inshallah stopping right in front of her. “Well…” He took a breath his smile was wide and proud. “You have grown as a warrior”
The two embraced, Inshallah was full of joy her eyes filled with tears.