After discussing awhile what everyone was about Vale was comfortable enough to take Inshallah and her comrades to his village, he was still curious about Leo and remained guarded; he was sure there was a supernatural link between the cat and Inshallah; but he wasn’t comfortable at all with Doctor Kock and even protested that the doctor be left behind while the others went to the village. But after Inshallah explained that they would not leave their comrade behind no matter how shifty, Vale reluctantly agreed to take them all. He said that the village wasn’t far from their current location yet the walk so far had been well over a half hour. Vale began speaking just as Leo glanced over at Inshallah with suspicious eyes.
“Things were really bad for awhile, the few of us that had banded together were barely making it, always on the run hiding from Law search parties. A few of our women had been taken from us while we fled; those damn bounty hunters took them under the mask of night killing those who fought back. We stumbled across a very secluded area that had abundant food and water sources yet was under the radar of Law” he began to slow his steps his mind filled with painful memories he forgot it seemed that he was walking and slipped on a rock causing him to fall into bushes he cried out; his voice trailed downward and quickly moved away. Inshallah bolted through the bushes without thinking, she found herself falling, she began a quick decent down a grassy hill. A wide river was at the base of the declining slope; she easily got her balance making small leaps left to right not fighting her downward momentum; her eyes quickly scanning about for Vale. The sound of rushing water filled the air as Inshallah came to a stop at the bottom. She crouched looking like a feline a sure sign that she was truly connected to Leo.
“Vale!” She called out her voice barely breaking the sound of the rushing water from the wide wild river in front of her. She sprinted to the edge of the water being careful to scan for any motion, down here it was pretty much open it would be easy to detect Vale if he was here the only other possible conclusion would be that he somehow fell into the water and was carried further downstream.
“Impossible Inshy!” Leo said firmly, he followed behind Inshallah when she came down the hill, his head low to the ground he sniffed trying to pick up Vale’s scent. “We heard him as he fell down that God forsaken slope but we didn’t hear his struggles as he fell into the water? I don’t think so! Besides it’s several feet to the waters edge he’d have to be the most dumbest unsure footed person in the world to do that! Something seems fishy to me!”
Inshallah put her hand on her dagger, Leo’s words started to sink in. “Then where the hell is he?”
Sounds of motion came off to the left behind them, slow deliberate sounds followed by the occasional heavy thrust of what sounded like air being forced out of an animals nostrils. It was an animal to be sure but it had to be something big by the sound of it as it made its way through the bushes. Leo took a quick sniff in the air before he spoke a large brown bear walked causally out of the bushes staring right at Inshallah and Leo; it began growling before rising up on two legs extending its arms outward it’s large claws spread.
“Great” Leo remarked.