“Wait did he leave?” the doctor asked nervously. “I don’t see him anymore” Inshallah and Leo could see the man just fine with their keen eyesight, and now that they knew he was there, they were able to track his scent. Most definitely the man was still there. He was crouched low in the brush blended in with his surroundings unmoving.
“What’s next Inshy? How should we introduce ourselves to the stranger?”
“The easy way, I want you to take off to my left and quickly make your way behind him while I walk toward him slowly”
“Very clever, the flank I like it!” Leo replied mischievously. Leo bolted off as Inshallah instructed Doctor Kock watches Leo speed off down the side of the hill disappearing out of sight, he was confused.
“Wh… Where’s he going?” He smirked then continued. “Well good riddance to him, I never could understand why you always had this odd bond with the cat! Always…” He glanced over seeing that Inshallah had already walked away from him, she was so silent he hated that. “You’re going to see if that guy is still over there aren’t you?” Inshallah kept walking, she didn’t look back or even waste the time to speak, she kept her eyes fixed in front of her. Inshallah was no ordinary person. Her senses were heightened to that of Leo’s and they both shared what the other could see, or smell, or hear. Her speed was cat like, and her strength well above average; that was the talent of a guardian, to share the skill of their guardian animal.
Whoever hid in the brush would do well not to underestimate her. Doctor Kock decided it was best to just stay back an wait, and yell out to Inshallah for guidance if you will, she didn’t need some overweight old man getting in her way he thought to himself. A perfect way to talk himself out of harms way.
“Hey…” The doctor yelled out to Inshallah, she kept walking and did not respond; her focus was on the brush in front of her, she slowly approached the brush. “Use that dagger of yours if things get ugly!” The doctor yelled out. As she drew closer she saw slight motion, the man was considering to either attack or run.
“I mean you no harm; I can see you there! Please stand up let us talk a moment!” She called out. There was no response the man remained still and silent; Inshallah closed in on the brush where the man was hiding. “If you mean no harm then you will stand sir and let yourself be known!” She continued forward moving slowly, she stopped just a few feet from the bush where the man remained crouching. “I can see your shoulder there, you might want to stand if you don’t want to be lunch for my feline friend” she said calmly. At first there was no response until Leo growled behind the man, then there was motion. “He won’t attack if you stand up and let yourself be known” Inshallah said peacefully.
Slowly a man rose up from the bushes, he was thin yet tall. His hair was to the shoulders, his eyes were blue and his face was long and thin. A small goatee protruded from his chin it was blond like the hair on his head. He rose his hands up palms facing Inshallah in a gesture of peace.
“How does one control a wild beast without sorcery? Are you one of Law’s soldiers?” He asked. His voice was calm and unafraid, Inshallah saw a Bowie knife attached at his hip, she could see in his eyes a coolness as if he was in complete control of the situation.
“Law?” She said insulted. “Do I look like Law to you?”
“No one knows what they look because they always wear those God forsaken masks” the man smiled almost flirting.
“What is your name?” She asked firmly, feeling the sting of the man’s last comment.
“Vale” he lowered his arms slowly keeping his eyes locked on Inshallah. “And what is your name?” Vale asked.
Heavy breathing could be heard behind Inshallah fast approaching; or at least as fast as doctor Kock could run. “Who…” The doctor stopped beside Inshallah resting both hands on his bent legs at the knee he was out of breath struggling to get his words out with each gasp while leaning forward. “Who are you may I ask?” Doctor Kock said. Vale’s face hardened at the sight of doctor Kock’s appearance, the dirty clothes, the pot belly, and those God awful bifocals on the doctors face. Vale’s attention turned to the doctors glasses with expression and eyes lighting up.
“How did you come by those?” Vale asked the doctor. Doctor Kock stood up sweat beading on his forehead while he wiped away the rolling beads that trickled down his face.
“What are you talking about?” The doctor asked forgetting that he was the one who originally asked the question.
“Your glasses, only Law scientists are allowed to wear them!” Vale’s voice raised there was a tinge of anger in it. “It is forbidden for anyone else to wear them without fear of being put to death by a soldier of Law!”
Doctor Kock was for once speechless he began stuttering and waving his arms about as he strategically backed away from Vale. Doctor Kock was full aware that he was once a scientist for Law it made him uneasy to think that Vale might try to harm him because of this. “I am Inshallah” her voice cut into the suspense catching Vales attention, his gaze was on her once more, he smiled widely for the first time.
“Inshallah, that is a beautiful name” he said.