The grass made interesting waves while the wind blew through it, the morning was starting out beautifully. Inshallah had a full belly and there was no stress not even from doctor Kock in weeks. She was clean and had been able to wash up by the river. They had found it in the dessert and followed it until they made their way out of that sand trap. After drinking enough water everyone’s appetite came back so they hunted for food which was in abundance here. Doctor Kock identified this area as somewhere in California or so he believed, it was irrelevant to Inshallah she knew nothing about the old world there were things that may have intrigued her but her father had told her it was pretty much the same for the most part. There were the corrupt ones who held power and would do anything to keep it. There were many who did not care about their fellow man, it was all just about themselves. Violence was in abundance, along with famine. Not much different than it was now to be sure. Her father spoke of some things in the old world that sounded pleasing, things that might bring joy to her, nothing in this world would ever be pleasing to Inshallah and even the things of the old world were more an illusion than something of enjoyment. Inshallah would never know the happiness that her father spoke of, from a time long forgotten; things that she never knew and would never know.
“What is it?” She asked Leo, he sniffed the air picking up something on the gentle breeze. She watched the big cat as his head titled slightly upward his nostrils flickering, his tongue lazily dropped from his half opened mouth.
“You should already know by know Inshy; we do share the senses after all”
“Yes but I’m expecting a report of what I’m smelling?” She said short and to the point.
“It’s about thirty people slightly more; food and smoke that comes from huts”
“All the makings of a small tribe” Inshallah followed. Doctor Kock was unaware of the private telepathic conversation taking place, he stood dumb founded
“What are you two doing? Why, why are you just standing there?” He asked, as usual he was ignored.
“Should we go around them?” Leo asked.
“Yes, we don’t know if they are good or wicked people; I don’t feel like trying to find out”
“Good idea I suppose” Leo said.
“Hey isn’t that a man standing over there? I can’t make it out for sure but”
“Shhh!” Inshallah said raising her hand hushing the doctor. Her keen vision in fact picked up a man in the distance up the hill almost camouflaged by the green trees with his clothing that blended in with his surroundings, he stood down wind that was the cause of Inshallah or even Leo not picking up his scent. The man lowered in an attempt to hide; he knew he had been seen.
“What now?” Leo asked.
“Let’s go introduce ourselves” she said.