You never know what you think you do, and most certainly we don’t do what we think; and in all the twisting and winding of words lies the confusion that started it all. That’s where Inshallah’s mind was at the moment, what should she do about what she had discovered from the demon she had encountered days ago. Leo assuredly was concerned about what the demon said, but was any of it true? The demon had freely divulged that the others like her the select few guardians who were anointed by God to hunt down and kill Law were being systematically hunted in turn by the demonic elite of Law.
Inshallah’s teacher had warned her that only a select number of guardians would be anointed then no more, Inshallah was the last of the anointed. If the others (whom she never had met save for her teacher) we killed off then what hope for mankind was there? “Why does God do things like this?” She said out loud, Leo was walking in stride beside her. Doctor Kock was surprised to hear Inshallah speak or maybe it was the content of what she said that had his attention. He licked his dry cracked lips failing at making them look or even feel as if the task had worked, he waved his finger quickly back and forth and began looking around his eyes not staying fixed on any position as they darted about.
“What makes you think that there is a Grand Creator to begin with? I mean think about it;’if there were a God none of the things that have taken place in this God forsaken world would be transpiring!” He staggered over his own feet tripping, he began to struggle Inshallah and Leo stopped and watched as doctor Kock fought to keep from falling, it was a comedic show of awkward dance. After a few moments the doctor regained control.
“Darn…” Leo said disappointed. The pair began walking again, doctor Kock was upset that Inshallah stopped only to see if he was going to fall but he composed himself and quickly ran to catch up, he continued his conversation once he stood beside her.
“I know that there is no God, science can prove this! People have always been afraid of this fact” he wiped the beads of sweat from his face causing dirt streaks to appear. “People were just as afraid of science!”
Inshallah was annoyed with the doctors words he always had something combative to say, never any casual conversation that had nothing to do with attacking someone or questioning ones actions. “You said this world was God forsaken, how could it be if there is no God?” She didn’t even bother to look at him when she spoke. Doctor Kock giggled like a little school boy that found a dirty joke amusing.
“Point taken, so let me rephrase my words. This is a godless world, no one can save us but ourselves”
“What about the things that you have seen thus far in your life in regards to Law, and the demon that we encountered in the mist forest? Surely if there are demons, there is also a God!” Inshallah retorted. Her face was pouring sweat she never bothered to wipe it away, for her it was the only thing keeping her face just a little cool. Her body ached, and she felt beyond exhausted and most certainly if an agent of Law attacked at this very moment she would be too frail to fight them.
“Law they are men of science, and have used said science to enhance their bodies to do the things that I thought not humanly possible, that is the beauty of science! Are they wicked men? Yes. They are demonic in their actions but they are not supernatural by any means! As for the illusion that my mind created that demon in the mist forest; we all were suffering from walking in this dammed dessert! I even became faint and lost consciousness if you recall” the doctor debated.
Leo stopped in his tracks sniffing a faint scent on the wind, his eyes came alive with excitement. “Did you smell that?”
Inshallah was excited strength coming back to her fed by hope.
“Yes thanks to you, how far away?” She asked.
“Just a few miles I think, to the east” he sniffed again the scent again was on the wind. “Maybe closer!”
“What are we waiting for, let’s go!” She said excitedly. Leo sprinted off first inshallah followed behind him. Doctor Kock was startled by them running off.
“Wait what are you doing?!?” He yelled out nervously, he thought that maybe they were fed up with what he was saying and were now deciding to leave him for Law.
“There is water near bye!” Installed said loudly, there was cheery laughter in her voice. Upon hearing this the doctor didn’t question how she knew this, they were all desperate for it why not see if desperation saved the day?
“Wait for me!” He yelled out, he ran after them somehow feeling a moment of lightheartedness from the moment.