The mist cleared, the full moon hovered above large and spherical; a silent judge to the demons visit. It was almost enjoyable that Inshallah saw the sand of the desert once more even though they had wandered in it for days on end. The illusion of the dark forest and mist that the demon had produced was a bit much, too gloomy and unclean. “Do you think the demons vision was true?” Leo remarked his thoughts on what the demon had said to Inshallah. Inshallah looked back at the slumbering Doctor Kock, the wind gently blew through his hair he lay on his back with an arm draped over his protruding stomach, his glasses still on. She kept her eyes fixed on the doctor, there was a blankness to them she felt numb.
“He looks so peaceful” she laughed mockingly. “To know peace if just for a little while…” Her voice trailed off, she hadn’t responded to Leo had she even heard the mountain lion speak?
“Inshallah” Leo said again, his telepathic speech softly echoing in her mind, she continued to stare at Doctor Kock as he remained in his demonic induced slumber. “Inshallah!” Leo’s voice raised sounding firm, she flinched before turning and looking at the lion.
“Yes?” She remarked her face without emotion.
“The demon said that only three of the guardians remained you and two others. He also said that the machine of revelation would be completed! That this world would be full of mindless slaves to them! Do you think that he was speaking the truth? He sounded as if he knew for sure that these things would take place!” Inshallah smiled a half smile then looked up at the moon basking in its bluish light trying to hide within it possibly.
“Who knows really, it was a demon after all how much truth could spew from his forked tongue?”
Leo walked over rubbing his head against her hip tilting his face sideways while purring. “I suppose you’re right” his voice trailed off, he didn’t sound so sure of himself. Inshallah lowered her hand placing it on the top of Leo’s head gently stroking it with her finger tips all the while staring up at the moon. She wondered was her cause fruitless? Or did the demon just plant the seeds of doubt within her? One thing for sure that she knew was truth, that more elite demonic assassins were sent out to kill the remaining guardians, she would be ready.