1. I got some good sleep last night, kicking ass really helps to relax me. I had this dream though it was odd, I was speaking Urdu and I understood it. This hasn’t been the first time, I’ve had dreams where I was speaking Hindu as well, but I’m not surprised anymore. When I told my food stamp shrink he got with a professor friend that he knew and they did a DNA test on me of some sort. The results came back that I was part Asian Indian and Arabic my region of ancestry is Pakistan they tell me.
2. So I go to the book store a lot to read up on a heritage I know nothing about in hopes that maybe I’ll remember something. I tend to wear cultural clothing from the land of my ancestors from time to time in some desperate act of belonging. I was brought up in America but maybe not born here, confusing to be sure.
3. But then again that’s my life… Confusing.
4. I hate not knowing who I am…