1.and 2. Later that night in an affluent neighborhood where rich villains live…) a lone masked ninja walks into a lavish dining room where a very large man sits at a long round table, he is shirtless. He just finished eating a late night snack his name is Tony Bastard but his street name is Fat Bastard.
“Master Bastard another drug dealer was hit last night”
“Was he questioned?”
“Yes, he said that a woman dressed in a blue short skirt that resembled possibly a school girl outfit walked up to him wearing a mask and asked him if he wanted a baseball bat up his ass or did he want to give up his nights earnings freely”
Mr. Bastard laughs before sipping his ale. “Oh..? And what was the drug dealers answer pray tell!”
“He wasn’t wearing pants and he was too ashamed to tell us that he had been sodomized but I could tell by the blood that dribbled down his leg he wanted to forget what happened”
Fat Bastard held his stomach laughing uncontrollably. “Oh my goodness! It is her! She has spunk, I’ll give her that! Did you follow any trail that could lead us to her?”
The ninja lowered his head. “She covered her tracks well Master Bastard”
Fat Bastard went silent containing his anger before breathing out a loud sigh. “She will be a prize well coveted once caught, she is very valuable indeed!”
“Your orders?”
“We will wait for the next time she strikes, send out hunting parties to all the usual inner city areas, she will strike again. And when she does she is mine!”