(1) I close my eyes taking a deep breath, I keep inhaling slowly and as long as I can. This really seems to be the only time I can really connect with me; and I only do it when I’m about to go on a Robin Hood job for cash. When I can no longer inhale which is about close to two minutes, I know because I timed it, I hold my breath after that.

(2) It’s like the world slows down timed with my heartbeat, slowing more and more until everything freezes around me. It’s at this instant I hear the voices, funny shit I know but I hear them none the less. It’s a man and woman calling to me I think but I can never really hear what the fuck they say; I think they are yelling my name, my real name but I just can’t hear it although I strain to I fail like a nerd trying to get laid. I never know how many minutes have passed but I know soon I need to breath.

(3) But I strain to hear the voices, fighting to hear the name they are calling out. I never see them I only hear them yelling but why the fuck can’t I hear what they are saying if they’re fucking yelling? It’s about this time I start to feel faint from lack of air. I slowly start to suck in the oxygen but keep my eyes closed, still fighting to listen to the words I can barely hear from people I don’t even know. Of maybe I do know them, maybe they’re ghosts in the back of my mind. Who knows maybe its my parents voices coming from a distant memory trying to surface. What the fuck ever, it’s too frustrating to keep doing this shit.

(4) Time to get dressed, time to fuck some bitches up. Momma needs a new pair of shoes.