Aw but who am I kidding? I’d never have such good luck, if I did then maybe life would go something like the cops find me naked and unconscious from too much booze with my hand clutching some guys cock instead of a fucking bat! And to top it off I’d have amnesia with a note resting on the silk bed that would of course be mine as well that said: remind me if somehow I forget that I’m filthy rich, thanks” oh but wake up Jane! Life is never that fucking awesome, at least not for me! I don’t even know my real name! The cops called me Jane Doe so the name kind of stuck. I was placed in this house and given a few things to survive. Right now I’m on unemployment until either the cops, my shrink, or me find out who the hell I really am. So you can see how fucked up my life really is. But don’t fret, I don’t use tax payers dollars to buy neat things like my lap top, no sir! I got that with my own hard earned money. I kind of discovered that I am pretty strong, pretty fast, and for some reason know kung fu or something like that. So with these skills I kind of go out from time to time and rob drug dealers of their hard earned cash. Not to worry! I keep my face concealed so no one knows who is doing the deed. Sometimes I get a little cash, and other times I hit pay dirt! It’s never enough money to just retire and get off government assistance but who knows one day I might just get enough money to break free of welfare! I’d be happy enough if I could just remember who I am. For now I’m Jane, but that could change someday. Don’t let the glasses fool you either, my eyesight is pretty awesome! I could read a text message from someone’s phone a mile away easy and I can see in the dark as if it was freaking daylight. But hey I need to look weak and needy, for now at least. To be honest I think I go out at night searching for something other than just to rip off thugs, what that may be I don’t know yet I’m working on it. Until I can find out who I am I prefer to go by Janie instead of Jane, that name just sounds blah and oh so boring and I’m far from that. Janie sounds at least a little more interesting, I know my real name is probably something way sexier because I’m a sexy kind of twenty something girl.