Sometimes life is shit then you die, only problem is my life is shit and I’m still living in that stinky pile of brown stuff. I can’t seem to grasp what the fuck is going on with me, but hell… I can’t even remember where this shit hole called life even began. My memory is on lock down, or so my shrink says. I was found one dark and stormy night unconscious and butt naked in an alley cliche I know, there was no sign of rape so the cops don’t know what the fuck happened to me either. All they do know was that I was clutching a baseball bat even when I was out cold, that damn bat is the only thing connecting me to whatever the hell was my past I just don’t know what that is yet. Since I don’t have a job right now the best thing I can do to better my life is to play online games, it helps to not only pass the time but it also helps me piss off fellow gamers who hate loosing. If I knew who my parents were I’m sure they’d be proud. I love playing cards online, I’m pretty good at it, I wonder if I could take my skills to a casino and kick as much ass as I do on my pc. Hmmm…