I’m your average girl with above average bull shit that goes on in my life, not that anything really happens per se but just the fact that I don’t know what my past is about it tends to mess me up mentally. I think it would fuck with anyone if you didn’t know who you were, who your family is, it’s all just really fucked up. But what really fucks with me is the fact that my parents never came forth to make a report that I was even missing, maybe they went missing too? Eh… I don’t know. It always cracks me up when someone who knows about my situation acts like they know the solution, and put in two cents worth of nonsense on how I should be feeling. My food stamp shrink is a good example of this. I call him my food stamp shrink because he was appointed to me via my unemployment package. He doesn’t really do much plus he stares at my legs and butt every time I visit. His name is Doctor Dick Wood his parents named him a double adjective haha, damn you know he got beat up in school with a name like that. Seriously though we just talk about me and it never gets anywhere, what do I have to talk about? I don’t remember anything and Dick always asks me stupid shit like “Hey did you hate growing up?” I mean are you serious Dick? How would I know? To those who see me at face value only see a pretty girl, on the inside I’m a tad nutty, and then eventually I level out at some point. But enough about me, it’s time to go thug hunting my inner Robin Hood is calling. I’m in a particular bad mood today, I just started my period and I’m super horny. The two don’t mix well together so the best thing to do is to just go beat up some bitches! Toodles…

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