Deacon knew there was three of them, but he didn’t know where they were. How could they blend in so well? He should easily be able to track them. “Good luck Shroud agent” she laughed before disappearing into the crowd. Deacon felt frustrated, how could she cover her trail so easily? He had to find a way to regain control of this situation.
“I am not here to start any trouble, I am searching for a Shroud agent” he said, there was no response. Deacon took a step back making sure the wall was behind him, he leaned against it and put his hands casually in his pockets. “Hello…?” He said, for a moment there was nothing then finally she spoke.
“Shroud agents are truly deceptive, you claim to be hunting for an agent, maybe you are searching for your missing comrade, you wouldn’t be the first. We have killed a few that have passed through”
Deacon kept searching about for any energy signatures there were none, as if the three had mysteriously vanished. “Who are you?” Deacon asked. He decided it was time to use his acute sense of smell instead of his vision. There was no response from the woman, he walked out to where she was standing in the street and gently sniffed the air. Ever so slightly he picked up the scent of a gifted woman, it was her to be sure. “We don’t have to do this you know, I’m not a Shroud agent but I am a bounty hunter. I’m on a job for one of the Gifted” he said trying to buy some time. The scent he tracked was near by, closer than he thought, very close. He walked up on to the sidewalk making sure he looked around showing confusion. “Are you still there telepath?” He faked concern in his voice, he stopped walking while looking out at the street. “Hello?” He said a final time. He took a quick inhale then smiled. Quickly he turned grabbing at the brick wall behind him, his hands grasping the air forming around something unseen. After a few moments his vision picked up the form of a woman, it was her. “Your mind tricks might work against others but I don’t need sight to sniff you out!”
“Jason! Maria! Help me!” She cried out telepathically. Deacon looked upon her face seeing that she was beautiful, her eyes gave away that she was at least half Asian. Her skin was pale and smooth. She had dark hair that went down to her shoulders, she fought to break free from Deacons grasp but failed.
“No worries Tier I’m right here baby!” Yelled out a tall light skinned black man that rushed up quickly at Deacon. He struck Deacon in the face his grip released the woman. Deacon knew instantly that this must be Jason, one of the people Tier had cried out to. Now he wondered where Maria was. Jason wore a black bomber jacket and a pair of blue jeans he was thin yet muscular. He swung at Deacon a few times before grabbing him tossing him into the alley.
Deacon was dazed, he scooted on his backside using his hands as momentum and balance. “Are you fools! You really want to fight in front of the humans? They will know what you are!” Deacon protested. Jason slowly walked into the alley, he took off his jacket, then he ripped off his shirt and began laughing.
“All the humans saw was a pimp throwing a dumb ass John into an alley for roughing up one of his hoes, they won’t bother to come in here to see what’s going to happen to you!” Jason remarked coldly. A white dirty blond female walked up behind Jason, she was dressed in a long fur coat, she wore barely anything underneath it save for black panties and a black fancy top, It was Maria. Tier walked into the entrance of the alley on the other side of Jason, Deacon stood up and walked backwards making sure to face toward them.
“She’s not your baby!” Maria said to Jason, she sounded jealous.
“Not now Maria!” Tier commented. Tier was fed up with the rivalry between Jason and Maria, although Maria was her lover it always seemed like Maria felt threatened by Jason. After all Maria was lesbian she had no desire to be with a man sexually or otherwise, but Tier she was merely bi-sexual free to choose a man or woman as her partner. This in itself disturbed Maria.
“Let me show you how to properly dispose of Shroud agents Maria, your last work was kind of sloppy!” Jason remarked sounding disrespectful. His eyes began glowing red, Deacons eyes detected that Jason’s body temperature was starting to rise.
“Please just shut up and finish him! He’s already admitted that he’s a bounty hunter!”
“You talk as if you can’t read his mind Tier!” Jason said, Tier looked uneasy.
“I can’t…” Her voice was faint and unsure, Jason and Maria glanced over at her surprised.