As if things weren’t bad enough for the Gifted, the most chaotic part is when crossing puberty. In some the gift manifests much earlier depending on each individual. Regular humans can give birth to a Gifted child and a Gifted one can give birth to a normal child, the confusion is for the Gifted child born from a regular mother. They tend to grow up confused and withdraw from others, and for this reason the Gifted take it upon themselves to be on the look out for children just coming into their gift. The Shroud also seeks out children most are abducted and then brainwashed into the ranks of Shroud agent, to prevent this as the Gifted move about if one comes across a gifted child they will take the child to sanctuary, this is the only place that is safe for the Gifted. Sanctuaries are guarded by Judges, one Judge oversees each respective sanctuary and it is up to the Judge to teach the children about their gift and how to use it. They also feed and offer advice to any who seek protection. Judges have the power to see each individual gift and how that gift works from strengths and weaknesses. A Judge also has the power of telekinesis, and super strength. Judges have the power to block the psychic ripple given off by the gifted and can not be detected themselves. The order of the Judges has the power to rival the Shroud but had been bound by Asad the first Judges decree to not meddle in the affairs of humans, Gifted is also included in this. It was a Judge by the name of Moses, a half black, half Native American three hundred and two year old man who taught Deacon and trained him. Judges aren’t immortal by the way but they can live incredible life spans some almost a thousand years, but none have been known to live last that. Moses was greatly disappointed in Deacon’s life choices and how he was viewed by the Gifted but he loved him like a son none the less. Moses seemed to patiently wait for the day Deacon would change and shed the guise of half-light Moses knew there was a better man beyond the pain hidden somewhere underneath, but Deacon never confronted his pain he only used it as fuel for his rage; maybe he would always be this way. Or at least until Deacon could find and kill the one Shroud agent who was responsible for killing his father, maybe then and only then could he find peace. He stopped walking then looked around, he felt it before he saw it and then slowly a grayish ripple invisible to the human eye shimmered toward Deacon; it passed through him then faded away. Two more ripples came to him both grayish in color.
“Three half-lights?” Deacon said to himself. “Stupid asses, who would be dumb enough to hang around here this long without Seekers finding them at some point!”
“Dumb asses?” A woman’s voice said, but it came from inside Deacon’s head. “You’re the dumb ass that just walked into our trap half-light”
Deacon glanced around making sure not to look anxious he didn’t like being out in the open. His eyes roved to each person walking up and down the streets, to the man standing against the wall smoking a joint, then to a prostitute who was leaning down on the door of a car across the street. All Deacon saw was her backside, she was wearing black panties with a matching long sleep top, a garter belt was strapped to black high leather boots that stopped just below her knee. Deacon’s eyes stayed locked on her, she tapped on the top of the vehicle. “Too cheap for my taste, I can’t help you baby” she said to the John before walking off the street and back onto the side walk. Deacon knew it was her, she was the one who talked to him, his eyes tracked her energy she was gifted to be sure. She turned and smiled at Deacon with a wink. “You made a mistake coming here bounty hunter we aren’t easy prey for the Shroud, say goodbye to your life”