Deacon glanced around his eyes squinting, his extraordinary sense of smell picked up the scent of a gifted one. But here? The city was no place for one of the Gifted, too many opportunities to be discovered. Humans were violent and stupid, a time to protect oneself was far too often here, a chance to be discovered once a gift is used to protect from physical harm was easy. Even more so here in Hillside, the scent lingered in the air, Deacon could tell that whoever they were they’d been here for some time. The only gifted that would disobey spiritual law would be a half-light or a Shroud agent, but a Shroud agent wouldn’t live in this slum; they all lived in wealthy areas. That only left that this was the scent of a half light, he would know once coming across the Psychic ripple that the Gifted give off when in close proximity of one another. The Gifted give off a cloudy white ripple, the Shroud gave off a dark red, and half-lights gave off a grayish ripple. It was considered by most to be an early warning system but no one really knew why. As for Deacon he gave off no ripple, once he absorbed the gift of Seeker that all changed, a Seeker didn’t give off the psychic ripple and this was what made Deacon so dangerous, you never knew when he was coming, but then again Deacon never knew when the Shroud was coming for him, the Seeker Gift is a very rare gift as well; only one seeker is born in a lifetime. The only Seeker in the Shroud’s ranks was Gryphon, but after Deacon killed him the Shroud made clones of him in hopes of recovering the gift because it would take far too long to find the next Seeker born. In short they were able to clone Gryphon but the Seeker gift was a much weaker version. The cloned Seekers weren’t nearly as strong or fast, none of the abilities were as powerful as Deacons’ but it was more than enough when used to hunt the Gifted. And with a limitless amount of Gryphon clones came a great hatred for Deacon from each and every Seeker, but Deacon didn’t care it was just more Shroud agents to kill. His rage for the Shroud was uncontrollable for it was the Shroud who took his father from him when he was just nine years old.
He was haunted for the rest of his life by the image of a shadowed figure wrapping his chains around Deacons neck squeezing the life out of him. And of his father rushing into the bedroom fighting the shroud agent sacrificing his own life so that his son could escape. Deacon could still hear the haunting echo of his father yelling for him to run, and he did. When he was old enough it was Deacons one ambition to seek out and kill the Shroud agent who took his fathers life. His current job brought him that much closer, if the boy who hired him was accurate then at last here in this place Deacon would have his revenge. Everything that the boy described sounded like the agent who killed Deacons father from his odor to the chains that were used. Deacon knew it was him, and tonight there would be closure.