This novel I’m blogging was the novel I speak of on my profile. You will read along and find similarities with the tv show heroes, and also the movie Push. Coincidence although my cousin works for NBC and they liked my story? Maybe. Coincidence that I was contacted for the purchase of the copyrights to this story and then the movie push was made later? In my story for instance the Shroud has lesser agents that are clones from Gryphon they are called “Seekers” watch the movie Push and see what other similarities you find. Same as Heroes. The main villain character in the first book isn’t Dante, he’s a lowly janitor that goes about using his gift to steal the souls of gifted children thus absorbing their power. You will be introduced to him in a few blogs as the story progresses. His goal was to absorb one gift in particular to become truly powerful. I don’t want to give away too much, you’ll have to read on to discover all that out. But as I’ve said too many similarities.