It had been a long day of traveling, Inshallah thought it best to make haste and get as far from the Las Vegas base as possible. Surely Law would send more soldiers in pursuit of Doctor Kock, she wasn’t taking any chances. The battle against Magnus was almost four days ago, wounds had already been healed and quite quickly at that. One of the fortunate abilities of being gifted. Everyone was testy, they hadn’t stopped to eat or even take a break and with the sun setting Inshallah decided it was time to finally eat and rest she was just looking for a good spot that would keep then hidden. But out in the open dessert where could one hide?
“Are you getting tired of hearing the doctor bitch about how hungry and tired he is?” Leo said.
“He hasn’t said anything for the last few hours, what are you talking about Leo?” She remarked in an annoyed fashion, she was hungry and tired.
“Ok so maybe I’m saying that I’m tired and hungry and that at this point I really don’t care where we stop as long as we’re resting and eating!”
“Me too Leo! I just don’t want…” She stopped what she was saying, she saw fog gliding on the sand in front of her.
“He will start again just look at his face its building, besides I’m a bit tired and hungry myself” Leo snorted blowing sand from his nostrils. “I’ll be so glad when we get out of this cursed place, I never want to see sand again!”
Inshallah glanced around the darkening horizon the sun was dipping behind the line far off into the distance. “I don’t like being out in the open we are easier to spot, and we’ve been out in the open for days! Even if we set up camp we can’t eat for risk of being seen! If we only had the cover of trees, then I could make a small fire under the cover of the forest, but we hasn’t seen…” Inshallah glanced down at her feet seeing moment from the ground. It was a light fog gliding above the sand, she looked up tracing it back to the source.
“Do you see that forest up ahead or am I the only one hallucinating” Doctor Kock responded dreamily with dazed tired starved eyes. His breathing was labored his clothes beyond dirty. They all stopped staring at the massive forest that stretched across the expanse in both directions in front of them.
“Something isn’t right” Leo said.
“Yea there’s a supernatural smell to this, but we can’t go back the way we came and from the looks of it there’s no way around this forest”
Doctor Kock looked over at Inshallah. “Did you hear what I just said?” He remarked impatiently, she kept her eyes on the forest the full moon was low peeking through the skinny branches and trees, it reeked of something foul she just couldn’t put her finger on it. “Well at least it isn’t sand” she said out loud, the doctor had a confused look on his face.
“So you do see it…?” He said.
“Yes” Inshallah responded. She started walking again moving toward the forest.
“Am I the only one that thinks its not a good idea to go in there?” Doctor Kock yelled out. Leo made a quick glance at doctor Kock then started walking after Inshallah. “I guess so” he said before walking again, he realized that he was further away from Inshallah he picked up his pace to catch up. She stopped peering through the forest, the ground was covered in mist.
“I can’t seem to penetrate the forest, no telling how far we have to go to get out of it” she said to Leo who walked up beside her staring in the same direction.
“I don’t like it, this isn’t natural” he said.
“More like supernatural but by who? There doesn’t seem to be the smell of Law here”
“But evil none the less” Leo remarked. Doctor Kock finally made his way up standing on the other side of Inshallah he looked at her and Leo as they kept their gaze forward, he was breathing heavily he was out of breath due to having to sprint a short distance to catch up to them.
“So what’s the plan, or are you going to just stand there looking spooked out? I don’t know about you but I’m damn tired, and even more damned hungry!”
“Then eat” Inshallah said untying a small leather pouch from around her waist, it was packed full of beef jerky. She tossed the pouch to the ground but kept her attention forward.
“We’re being watched…” Leo responded. “Should we tell the doctor or leave him be?”
“It wouldn’t matter either way, but I like him silent and eating rather than distracted big mouthed and scared”
“Good point, do you think whatever is out there will reveal itself? Or just wait for the right time to ambush us?”
“I don’t know” her eyes slowly roved about the dark forest, she knew something was out there watching them slowly moving about she just hasn’t detected the exact spot but she was patient, she would eventually find the demon.
“Look no further spawn of the light!” Said a dark whispering evil voice that lingered in the air around her.
“Did you hear that Leo?” Inshallah asked her eyes dancing about rapidly trying to find any trace of the evil she felt.
“What the hell…?” Doctor Kock responded dropping the food pouch and slowly standing. He stared out in front of him raising his hand pointing, his mouth lowered the beef jerky that he was chewing fell out of his mouth.
“There!” Leo excitedly said catching a glimpse of someone standing off in the distance between the trees, it was a cloaked figure his face concealed under a shroud. The figure stood between the trees yet not seeming to be tangible easily being able to see through it. It stood close to seven feet thin and frail as death, Inshallah caught sight of the demon and unsheathed her dagger.
“Stay your weapon child of light, it can not harm me; nor can you! Come closer let us converse with one another” the demons voice floated eerily on the wind. Inshallah stared harshly at the specter that calmly stood before her, doctor Kock was speaking she hushed him before speaking.
“What is it that you want?” she said, doctor Kock was still muttering in disbelief.
“I see that you still grasp your weapons, so be it!” The demon disappeared into the mist causing it to swirl gently in the air before calming. The demon reappeared standing before Inshallah she flinched then quickly slashed her dagger in front of her, but her actions caused no harm to the demon just as it had predicted, her dagger slashed through the form Inshallah felt nothing she merely cut through the air, the demon began laughing.