He stood calmly. “I am Magnus, General of Law!” His voice echoed in the canyon, there was strength in his tone. “I challenge you to one on one combat, none shall intervene or they will perish!” He rose his massive arm pointing his finger at Doctor Kock. “To the victor goes the doctor!” He lowered his arm. “Agreed?”
Doctor Kock started to protest. “Agreed” Inshallah interrupted firmly, she stood defiantly arms at her side both weapons drawn, her eyes stayed fixed on Magnus.
“You were the one that laid siege on Newborn Heights striking down my brethren, Law spoke that you showed skill of a warrior!” He laughed. “You are but a tiny female that had a bit of luck, and a little help from the other one who remained hidden from Master Law’s view. Tell me who was the other who was with you? Was he the other remaining gifted?”
“Are we going to fight, or are we going to sit here and talk and drink tea?” Inshallah commented boldly.
“I don’t feel comfortable about this, maybe we should fight him together!” Leo said. He walked over to Inshallah’s side concern was in his eyes. “Surely you can sense this isn’t right, he knows that together we can beat him but apart he can win!”
“No…” She said angrily. “He won’t win!” She began running toward Magnus her speed increasing bringing her closer to her target, Magnus did not brace he did not move. Inshallah cried out swinging her bat once she was in striking range, Magnus side stepped avoiding the strike. He brought his arm up with incredible speed back handing Inshallah she reeled back from the impact, rebounding form the strike she brought her bat out in front of her to make sure she had space between her and Magnus to her surprise he didn’t even advance, was he that confident that he would win?
“Surely you have more than that child” Magnus said cooly. “If not then it’d be best if you just set that bat down now and kindly give over the good doctor”
Inshallah found that his words made her boil, who was he to talk down to her? Magnus’s overall arrogance started to eat away at her, before she knew it she was running toward him again. She swung her bat at his massive thigh, he quickly brought his leg back avoiding the strike his large fist travelled toward Inshallah this time she was ready. She ducked under his strike swinging her bat at his knee, she was met by Magnus’s foot that struck her dead center of her chest. She moved back absorbing some of the impact her dagger sprang into action racing towards Magnus’s leg she missed her mark. Magnus reached out grabbing her arm squeezing then twisting her arm causing her to lose the dagger. Inshallah leaned back balancing herself while swinging her bat right to Magnus’s groin she made direct contact which caused his release of her arm. He cried out momentarily in pain cursing the weakness of flesh, Inshallah took a brief step back catching her momentum then stepped forward both hands gripping her bat taking full strikes at Magnus’s leg impacting it three times. Magnus wobbled off balance swinging wildly to gain distance between he and Inshallah. She took full advantage coming at him swinging away as he leaned down with his head in her range of attack, Magnus brought up his massive arms protecting his face from the devastating blows that rained down on him. He desperately reached out knowing that she might defeat him; his large hand grabbed Inshallah’s face long fingers reaching halfway around her head clamping on. Magnus stepped forward punching her in the stomach once then followed again her stomach burned with pain she fought to catch her breath, she’d never been hit so hard. Her vision went blurry her breathing labored, she was about to faint. Magnus struck her across the face with his fist, she staggered back still clutching her bat. Leo sprinted into action leaping onto Magnus’s back digging his claws into his flesh, Leo sunk his teeth into the back of Magnus’s neck. Magnus yelled out in pain trying to grab Leo in vain there was no way to get the mountain lion off of his back. Magnus flailed about his arms swinging, finally he fell backwards crushing Leo under him. Magnus looked up just in time to see Inshallah standing over him firmly holding her bat blood trickling down her nose and mouth. She rose her bat above her head bringing it down with great force.
“Shit…” Was all Magnus could muster before the bat found its mark.