The sun was high above them it was a horrible heat that truly brought torment to Dr. Kock, and made Leo annoyed. Inshallah had beads of sweat on her skin but was at ease with the desert weather.
“Your gifted abilities give you some solace from the devilish heat, but its damn awful to me!” Leo protested. Dr. Kock struggled along his shirt soaked with sweat his face dripped heavily, his tongue stuck slightly out of his mouth touching both upper and lower lips.
“I’ve been thinking” Dr. Kock said cutting into the silence. “I’m full aware that Law consists of aliens from another planet” he spoke short of breath due to the heat and just plain being out of shape. He struggled keeping up with Inshallah and Leo he was hoping conversation would slow Inshallah down a bit.
Inshallah looked back at him. “Is that what they told you?” She continued walking.
“No but an intelligent mind notices things, and I noticed things trust me”
Inshallah was torn on whether or not to tell the doctor the truth that Law were not aliens but demons, would he believe it? “Law is something more than what you think I just don’t feel your feeble brain can grasp the reality of it all”
Doctor Kock became enraged flailing his arms about eyes rounded his brow pointed down. “Feeble mind? Feeble mind? Law sought me out to solely because of my intelligent mind and I alone have the knowledge to complete the construction of the machine of revelation!”
“Yet you were too stupid to realize you were being strung along, tricked into doing Law’s bidding. Your arrogance blinded you”
Doctor Kock calmed. “That may be but never insult my intelligence! I may be the only scientist left in this God forsaken world! Without me there will be no hope to bring back true civilization!”
“Whoever said that Kock head was civil?” Leo interjected. Inshallah giggled with a slight smile that came to her lips.
“Kock head?” she said to Leo, the doctor was oblivious to the private telepathic conversation he was too busy ranting to even notice that anything was even being said about him. Inshallah decided it was time to cut into the doctors ranting.
“Do you believe in the supernatural doctor?” she asked.
“What?” He responded eyes blinking rapidly, sweat pouring from his face from the extreme heat. “Of course not! The world has no place for such ancient foolish ideas! There are no such things as ghosts, or the devil, or even God for that matter! Science has already proven this long ago!”
Inshallah was amazed at what she just heard and wondered why she was even sent to protect the doctor. Before she was about to speak a scent caught her attention in front of her, off in the distance she saw a man standing he was extremely large and muscular his height was incredible. He wore a leather black strap on his right forearm and was clothed only in a thin pair of trunks that covered only the center of his lower extremities. On his face rested a gas mask.
“So they’ve found us” Leo said. Doctor Kock froze seeing the giant, Inshallah’s eyes squinted upon seeing motion on both sides of him.
“The big one plus three others” she said. “Once again they carry no guns” the three Law soldiers spread out in an attempt to flank around Inshallah and the others, the giant soldier slowly walked toward them. His muscles rippled with each step. “Leo take out the three who are trying to flank us, I’ll advance on the big guy”
“How convenient” Leo remarked.
“Unless you’d like to take on him!” she pointed to the behemoth he was nearing, Leo took a moment staring at the Law soldiers muscled frame.
“Uh… No” he said before darting off to the right toward two of the soldiers.
The giant raised his massive arm. “Halt!” He yelled out, the Law soldiers stopped dead in their tracks one of the soldiers stopped right in front of Leo and he was struck down instantly. Inshallah watched as the giant soldier made his way to her, he stopped about ten feet away they both stood staring silently at each other. “So you are the newbie that Lord Law has been in an uproar over…” He laughed softly his voice was rough and deep. “I am Magnus captain of the Nevada forces of Law”
Doctor Kock was transfixed his eyes locked on the large frame of Magnus. “Law sent a captain to retrieve me?” He scurried behind Inshallah. “Please don’t let them take me! I’ve seen what they do to people who betray them!”
“You are of value good doctor, surely you wouldn’t think that Law puts you in the category of the lesser from your species” Magnus said. “If you come now then Lord Law will wipe your slate clean”
“The doctor goes nowhere!” Inshallah interjected. Magnus brought his attention to her.
“I’d most forgotten that you were there, and you think that you’ve training enough to take on a captain?”
“And then some” she said firmly, she kept her eyes on Magnus as she withdrew her bat from its sling.
Magnus proceeded to laugh. “You will need a better weapon than that to bring me down I’m afraid”
Teacher had informed Inshallah of Law’s ranks, she was full aware that higher ranked soldiers possessed greater skill and power. She was looking forward to this fight, she knew she would be victorious.