The moon was full and bright beaming its bluish hue over the desert, it was cold but by the fire was cozy. Leo was laying close to Inshallah her head was resting on his back like a pillow. Dinner consisted of a few rabbits that were found out and about earlier in the day everyone seemed content and at ease. Dr Kock gazed up a the stars in reflection. “Hard to believe that we are in Nevada the birthplace of Las Vegas! But that glamorous world is gone!” His smile faded eyes lowering.
“Some things in the old world are better left there” Inshallah said. There was a sense of sadness in the doctors face as he thought how joyous the old world was.
“I suppose, but I’d take living it up in Vegas in the old world versus living in this crappy world!”
“I was wondering about the machine of revelation. If The Lord of Law is so powerful why would be need it?”
“That’s a foolish question child, look at the destructive power of this weapon! Imagine that machine being turned on and frying every single human beings brain! We’d all just be walking mindless zombies!” he shifted to his side facing the fire, bringing his arms close to his body. “For the unfortunate few that escaped the radio waves their life would be bleak. They’d forever be on the run from the mindless violence eventually being consumed by sheer numbers of the slaves of Law. That’s not a world I’d want to live in” he closed his eyes crunching into a ball then fell asleep mumbling to himself.
“Sounds pretty bad” Leo said. “If it’s true”
“You and I both know it is regardless if we don’t trust Dr. Kock. Using that machine to control the human mind, do you think God would let that happen?” Inshallah asked.
“A simple question can help you there”
“Ok, shoot…”
“Did God allow your father to be killed?”
There was silence for a moment, Inshallah stared up up the star filled sky hesitating to answer. “Yes…” She finally said.
“Then you have your answer”
“No…” She said softly. “God placed us here, we will keep Law from finishing this machine. We won’t fail. There’s been enough death and loss”
“I agree with you there” Leo closed his eyes falling asleep, Inshallah folded her arms behind her back eyes focused on the sky, her mind thinking of a plan of action. She stayed up as the others slept her mind filled with thoughts of what path she should take in regards to her current situation until at last sleep finally came for her as well.