It was a beautiful early spring morning Inshallah strolled causally with Leo through winding caverns and large rock formations, unlike where Teacher took her and Leo for training this place was devoid of vegetation. Teacher cut them loose many months ago, he said it was time for Inshallah and Leo to walk their own path. Although Inshallah was sad to see Teacher go he swore that their paths would cross again. Teacher further went on to say that God had preordained paths for his gifted that their feet were guided by by His will. “Never have a set destination let it be chosen for you” was Teachers last words before moving on. And so here was Inshallah and Leo casually walking along waiting for something to happen, not knowing where to go but expecting to be led.
“Do you really think we will ever see teacher again?” Inshallah asked, her eyes fixed on nowhere yet looking so intense gazing off into the distance. Leo walked smoothly yet almost lazily his shoulder blades rolling on his back with each step.
“I honestly don’t know but I think you were kind of sweet on him” Leo jested. Inshallah’s brow rose her lips puckered like a young child who had just tasted sour candy for the first time.
“What?” she laughed sounding a bit embarrassed. “Me? No”
“Who are you trying to convince, me or you? I don’t think it’s working for either of us though” he laughed.
“Teacher is older, he’s like closer to my dad’s age!” she was defensive even though laughter was her tone.
“I was not aware that age applied in terms of love” Leo lowered his head close to the ground. “Hey do you…?”
“Yes” she said. “How many do you think?” she asked, she started looking around the canyon for signs of life.
“I am picking up four scents three are Law soldiers, the other is human”
“They’re traveling together of not?” She looked to the ground staring at the footprints. “Never mind I can see that there was a scuffle the human fled but he couldn’t have gotten far, his foot prints show that he’s out of shape”
Leo trotted over to the edge of the trail he had found a slope between the rock that went to a raging river below. “The scent comes over here and goes down this steep hill, my guess is that he made it to the river and got away”
“What makes you say that?”
“Because I lose his scent down by the the water, I can still smell the soldiers though”
Inshallah looked down the hill surveying the area. “It’s very possible, since the soldiers didn’t get into the water he may have gotten away at least for a time. He must know of the demons weakness to water”
“He did get away, the soldiers scent go down river it’s only about a few hours old, they are following the human”
Inshallah stared at the rapids in the water. “The fool, the water looks just as dangerous as any soldier of Law! Maybe he isn’t so smart after all!”
Leo glanced over at Inshallah, then back to the water. “Would you rather be in the clutches of Law or take your chances out there?”
“Good point” she retorted. “I think we should try and find this person just to make sure they’re ok. I mean maybe this is what we’re supposed to do”
“It’s possible, Teacher did say that God would direct us to where we needed to go”
“One could go crazy over analyzing if this is a God mission or something else” she said.
“Then let’s not over analyze and just do it!” Leo commented.
Inshallah felt that what Leo said made sense.
“Ok let’s go!” She said it sounding so upbeat as she made her way done the slope towards the side of the river, Leo stared at her a moment nodding his head before making his way down to catch up to her. They traced down the river occasionally stopping so Leo could accurately track the soldiers scent. Many hours down river Leo stopped, raising his head he sniffed the air.
“I’ve got the humans scent again, it mixes with the Law soldiers”
“Then they caught up to him, which means they have him” Inshallah said. Leo continued sniffing the air. “It seems they are traveling much slower now, no doubt because of the human”
Inshallah picked up the direction that Leo was tracking, she felt a sense of urgency to catch up to them and to help this victim that became helpless prey to Law. But what was so important about this guy that caused Law to keep up the pursuit? This made Inshallah even more interested.
“Let’s overtake them!” She said excitedly. She took off running away from the river down into a thin trail wide enough only for one person to walk through, huge rock for formations rose high on both sides. After about half a mile they made their way through the thin trail into an opening, they were still surrounded by huge rock formations but at least they had room to breath. Leo was the first to see movement.
“Up there!” He shouted. Inshallah quickly focused to where Leo was transfixed, three Law soldiers were walking up a rocky slope one of them pushed roughly on an older looking slightly overweight male. One of the Law soldiers paused turning looking back at Inshallah, and Leo. The soldier started yelling out barely audible words his cursing was quite clear through the grunts and shrieks. He wasn’t armed with any firearms, none of them were that was a good thing. The other two turned around pulling out knives hidden under their shirts. The one that noticed Inshallah and Leo ran back down the slope swing around a small axe he pulled from its satchel that was resting on his leg. The Law soldiers knew who she was they had all been warned about the newest one to join the ranks of the gifted, they had been told by their master to be on the look out for her but that was awhile ago, now she had resurfaced at last and the soldiers were excited to please their master by being the first to kill her.
“I’m amazed that none of them have guns” Inshallah calmly remarked. She and Leo were perfectly calm as two of the soldiers rushed toward them, the third soldier stood close to the human he firmly held onto his prisoners arm controlling him, making sure he would not take flight. Leo didn’t respond instead he rushed to meet the closest attacker, standing up on his hind legs he swatted at the soldier striking him across the face sending him to the ground. The second soldier yelled bringing up his knife high above his head, Inshallah’s dagger flew past Leo hitting its mark right between the eyes cracking the gas mask. The soldier staggered back, you could hear his labored breathing, he sat down heavily on the ground before completely collapsing. Leo looked back at Inshallah. “I wasn’t going to let you hog all the fun!” she said.
The final solider stood not knowing what to do, finally he forcefully tugged on his captives arm pulling away up the slope. A struggle ensued between the two but the captive was no match for the soldiers strength, he was jerked forward then pulled. Inshallah began running toward him taking Leo by surprise, Leo took off after her. With her incredible speed she caught up to the soldier who released his grip on his captive, he swung his dagger left to right in an attempt to hurt Inshallah who was finally upon him, but each slice missed. She pulled out her bat striking the soldiers wrist then his leg followed, he fell to the ground dropping his knife. Inshallah stood over him with a look of disgust on her face.
“I hate those damn ugly masks!” she said before taking a full swing at his head sending him backwards. He fell to the ground his helmet flew into the air striking the side of a large rock before striking the earth. Inshallah turned to the man, he licked his dry cracked lips. He was an older man, his face round, hair dark yet showing grey around the edges. He looked worn and tired, his white tee shirt was dirty and very soiled. She noticed his glasses were shaded this was interesting she’d never seen the likes of that before. He glared at Inshallah as if he’d never seen a woman before, she found it repulsive and started to wonder if she should have ever came to his rescue.
“And who are you my child?” He said taking a step toward her with a crooked smile, Leo growled making a straight line to the man who suddenly had a show of fear after seeing the big cat. He backed up eyes quickly switching to Inshallah, then to the fast approaching Leo. “Whoa, hey can you call of your feline?” He said with a forced nervous laugh.
Inshallah turned her back to him letting Leo pass her as she kneeled down and pulled her dagger from the Law soldiers head. “Leo only kills those who try to hurt me” she said coldly. Leo slowly paced around the man who nervously kept his eyes on the cat making sure that he always faced him.
“I would never harm such a rare flower like yourself!” Uneasy laughter came from him, Inshallah found it annoying her facial expression showed what she felt. Standing back up she looked at the man her eyes almost rolling.
“Who are you? What is your name?” She asked.
“I am Dr. Kock, and you’re name my dear?” he pretended to show some form of culture bowing slightly to her, she didn’t seem to notice.
“So you heal people? Is that why Law wanted you?” she said, Dr. Kock giggled sounding like a fat kid.
“Oh no not that kind of doctor, I’m a scientist!”
Inshallah’s eyes squinted as she fought to remember what a scientist was then she recalled what her father had told her about scientists. “You make things?” she said, Dr. Kock’s eyes lit up with surprise.
“To some degree yes, it is my job to understand certain things!”
“Is that why Law wanted you?”
“I worked for them. I was helping them rebuild a machine that controls the weather, or could cause great earthquakes; it was destroyed before the fall but I discovered what they really planned to do with the machine so I fled!”
“What machine?”
“It used to be called the H.A.A.R.P. in its glory days, but a group of scientist all agreed that it was too dangerous and at the cost of their own lives shut it down and destroyed it. They were branded terrorists of course and jailed and I never understood what the danger was until now”
“HAARP?” The words stumbled out of her mouth.
“HAARP stands for The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, but Law renamed it the Machine of Revelation. A weapon to create global chaos on a whole new scale!”
“He’s talking mumbo jumbo I say lets just cut our losses and leave him!” Leo interrupted telepathically. “I don’t trust him!”
Inshallah ignored Leo keeping her eyes on the doctor.
“What do you mean by revelation? What can this machine do?” she asked the doctor, Dr. Kock’s face grew serious.
“To understand revelation is simply to understand what the machine can do. Forget what I already told you, weather manipulation, and earthquakes is only the tip of the iceberg. Law has discovered that the machine can manipulate the frequency in ones body. It could simply overload the body killing the person but worse it could control the persons mind!”
Leo stopped circling he looked at Inshallah. “Is he telling the truth?” Leo asked.
“Is this possible?” Inshallah asked the doctor.
“Yes” his face switched from serious to a big smile. “But you see they needed me to oversee the construction better yet they need me to teach them how to use the machine as well! Thanks to you that won’t happen!”
“Then that means others will come for you” she said firmly.
“Excuse me?” The doctor asked.
“You are important to Law, they will continue to seek you out until you are in their custody. It all makes sense now why the Law soldiers who were sent to retrieve you didn’t have guns, they didn’t see you as a threat. But now they know I’m here to protect you” she put her hand under the tip of her chin, her face shifting into deep thought.
“Wait are you saying that we have to protect this slime ball?” Leo pleaded.
“As much as I don’t want to I think this is it” she said telepathically to Leo.
“This is what?” Leo asked.
“I think this is what God has sent us to do”