The summer has come and went and come again since and Ive heard nothing about the newest addition to the gifted. The snow has returned and still no sightings or confrontations with her. It would be my assumption that she went into hiding for a time, quite possibly to be trained by another of the gifted. I am almost certain of this. I am bonded with all of my children I see what they see. And through my children’s eyes I saw their last moments in flesh before they were called back to me, I saw the mountain lion and the girl. But there was another and it was he, or she who cut down the last of my children who I had sent to Newborn Heights to remind the towns people of their tribute that they must honor to me once a year. But my tribute was disturbed by these gifted, I will not waste my own gifted to seek them out, patience is the best option. There are to be no more gifted as agreed in the covenant the passing deaths on both sides has come to the agreed number no more shall come forth. My army will seek them out to hunt the last of them that God has chosen then there will be no more, I shall send the lesser of my ranks to find them. For in great numbers they shall overwhelm them and there will be no one of the earth to stop me from cleansing this place before the day of judgement, if I am to fall so shall they all! I sit on my throne with flames dancing about me they do me no harm I am their master why should fire have such destructive nature to the one that has given it life? My face concealed from the mortals, yet my eyes flicker with the call of souls. Who can resist my power on this realm? Who would dare think that I could ever be turned away? The great tempter of souls, the prince of lies, the king of flies. That is me eternal. And all of man will turn from Him because of my words and they will follow me willingly into the lake of fire. There are only a handful of gifted and I shall smite them all one by one, until there are none. I am The Lord of Law, father of the wicked, king of this world. All will feel my touch before death!