“Stand up slowly” he was making sure that he was cautious. “The cat will go first but I have a few questions for you” said the soldier.
“What are you? You don’t bleed, your voices sound eerie, the list goes on with you people!”I yelled, I wasn’t about to beg for my life if this was where it ended I could give a damn. I turned around seeing a man dressed all in black, he wore a black hooded jacket that covered his head the mask was underneath it.
“You people?” He snickered. “We aren’t people at all” he said vindictively. “We are the bringers of tribulation, humanity is in the last days it is our job to help you fall before judgment comes”
All of this made no sense like mostly everything in my life.
“You talk as if you’re the devil and you’re here to make sure mankind goes to hell”
His head tilted the glass of the masks where the eyes would be stared directly at my own. “Devil…? Why I am no devil! I am a demon housed within this frail form!” He slid his gas mask off. “Look upon me for it will be the last visage that you see!” His face was still partly concealed by a bandana that covered his nose down to his chin but what I did see startled me. His eyes glowed a piercing red there were no pupils. He pointed his gun at me then tilted it sideways. “Now you know what Law is, and now you will die with this secret!”
He spoke in some unknown tongue almost like it was a mantra, Leo started sprinting toward the soldier the demon pointed his gun at Leo trying to get a bead on him before shooting. His head separated from his body flying and twisting before landing on the rail road tracks with a thud. When his body fell forward Teacher was standing behind him his sword still drawn.
“There’s always one that stays hidden in the shadows, never forget this. You failed your first test…” Teacher replied. He put his sword back in its sheath walking away. “Let’s go” he said telepathically. “You have much to learn”

End chapter