I got my first glance of the two Law goons who were making their way toward me thanks to Leo, through his eyes I saw them. They both had gas masks on, the black guy was muscular and tall he wore a muscle shirt and sweat pants with a pair of tennis shoes he was the one with the two hand guns. His buddy on the other hand was shorter with a thin build he was a white guy with blond hair, he wore a tee shirt and blue jeans. He held onto some guns that were pretty looked like they could do more damage than the smaller guns, I didn’t know much about guns but I knew any gun was dangerous. I heard an unGodly yell, turning I saw a law soldier running parallel with the tracks. He wore a blue shirt and a pair of jeans his boots made a thud in the dirt, raising his arm he balled his hand into a fist. His gun pointed at me he began firing, I watched as two bullets came at me from the barrel of the gun my eyes could actually see the bullets but how? It was as if the bullets moved in slow motion, one of the bullets passed me harmless the other struck my bat knocking it out of my hand making me realize that I was being shot at. I ran in a zig zag as more bullets came at me I dodged them effortlessly, the law soldier shrieked in rage at his failure his voice sounded so animalistic nothing like what a human would sound like even of enraged.
I unsheathed my dagger and ducked low while I passed him slicing the side of his body, he shrugged then fell to the ground. I spun around bringing my dagger down on his throat killing him. How odd there was no blood yet again. I heard gun fire down the street.
“Leo what’s going on?” My eyes became his eyes, I saw Leo running through the front yard of a house a Law soldier was shooting at him the bullets made a rattling sound they shot out at a much higher rate than a hand gun. Leo’s supernatural speed avoided the bullets he bolted left to right before cutting down an alley.
“While I followed them one of the soldiers must’ve doubled back around!” Leo said excitedly.
“Are you ok?” I asked.
“Yes I am fine, hold on a moment” I saw him crouched as the Law soldier approached the alley Leo sprang directly at him swiping at his face with his claw causing the soldier to turn slightly before falling to the ground from the force of the strike Leo grabbed ahold of the soldiers neck and bit down snapping bone.
“And what manner of human are you?” Said a deep unnatural voice behind me. I turned seeing the final soldier standing before me, I’d been so into paying attention to Leo I didn’t notice the soldier approach me. He had both guns in his hand but put them back in their respective holsters. I heard him sniffing under the mask. “We can sense humans but you I can’t even smell through these damn nostrils. What are you…?” He asked. Then he laughed putting both hands on the top of his guns. “One of the gifted, I should’ve known! You must be the replacement of the last one we killed!” He rushed at me my dagger tried finding its mark in his gut his response time was much faster than I thought it would be. Both of his hands gripped my wrist keeping me from stabbing him, there was a struggle his strength surprised me. One of his hands released striking me in the face, I saw stars he kicked me in the stomach sending me back to the ground. “You caught my brothers unawares, but not me!” He angrily tossed my dagger to the ground and quickly unholstered his guns pointing them at me. “Hehe…” He smirked. “You didn’t get to enjoy your new power. And killed by just a lowly soldier too! Hahahaha” he laughed. I heard Leo’s familiar growl behind the soldier who turned all but too late as Leo leapt at him knocking him to the ground, I rolled over picking up my dagger then stabbing him directly in the face where he lay. I took a deep sigh sitting up looking over at Leo.
“That wasn’t so bad” I said aloud with a bit of humor. I heard a clicking sound behind me it was the sound of a gun. So there was one more after all that Leo somehow missed.