I sent Leo out to go through the town, I emphasized to him not to be discovered. I sat and waited just watching the guard stand there as if frozen holding his machete in hand gazing off into the distance. Teacher left saying that this was my test, that I would have to cleanse this town of Law. He told me to remember what he said about concealment and combat: he didn’t tell me much so I didn’t plan on doing much. I was unsure about Law now, thought for sure it was Law soldiers that abducted me and killed my father now I know differently. Teacher told me to tread lightly around any Law soldier because they weren’t what they seemed. He didn’t go into detail but I would find out soon enough once I confronted them; I didn’t know what he meant by that but I knew I’d find out. I sat there in the bushes staring at the Law guardian studying him, he looked human but something about him felt like something more Teachers words reflected in my memory over and over and I wanted to find meaning in what he said. I was fixed on that damn gas mask, it was as if he was keeping his face covered deliberately. Then Teachers words echoed again to memory about the gas mask, I was urged to run up and rip that mask off.
“There are three Law Soldiers in town including the guard; two are at a house entertaining themselves with a few women, the other is at the town hall talking to the village elders if you will”
“Ok now we have an idea where everyone is, now I just have to take them out”
“What’s the plan?”
I grabbed my bat off of the sling attached to my back I was going off the fly here. “Hold that thought Leo” my plan was that my speed would be my advantage I had to take this guy out first, picking up a rock I tossed it to the left of the guardian once the rock struck the ground the guardian barley moved his head to look. I took off running as fast as I could getting to the guardian in mere seconds; he looked right at me just long enough to get a greeting from my bat. I swung the bat as hard as I could sending the guardian backwards and to the ground. He slowly moved, my bat rained down on his mask until he moved no more. I stood catching my breath my bat still at my side. “Are we compromised?” I asked Leo.
“No I don’t see anyone running down the street crying out intruder!” Leo had his sense of humor that was good, my nerves were shot, I took deep breath’s to calm myself. My eyes stayed on the guardians mask my curiosity was getting the best of me, I tried peering past the large glass like circles of the mask but my eyes couldn’t seem to penetrate it. I squatted beside him my eyes fixed on the mask, reaching out my hand touched the front of the mask gently but I paused for some reason. I had to know, my grip on the mask tightened. I noticed that there was no blood there didn’t seem to be any physical injuries to his face yet there were marks where my bat struck.
“They just left the house in a hurry!” Leo said turning my attention to more pressing matters, I stood up focused on the task at hand.
“Who and where?”
“The two that were at the house?” He said in a way that was letting me know to get my head on straight and he was right. “They are both armed. One of them has two hand guns, the other is carrying two much bigger fire arms”
“Do they see you?”
“No they seem much too distracted, they are making their way towards your location!”
“Then my little trick didn’t work”
“Well since they have guns and you do not, it would be best to hide wouldn’t you say? Leo was right I had to regroup think of my next plan of action.