After our small training session we pressed on eventually catching up to Rayne I heard her before I saw her, she was screeching repeatedly I glanced up seeing her circling above. Teacher lowered glancing through the brush his hand gestured for me to lower so I did. “Scoot up here I want to you see this” he kept his eyes peeking through the brush. I moved up peering through where Teacher made a small opening in the brush. “This is Newborn Heights”
I saw railroad tracks then a line of buildings this was truly a small town nothing like the cities dad told me about, I didn’t see any buildings that rose high into the sky these buildings were just the size of houses.
“Look over there” Teacher said, I glanced over seeing a man that was wearing a form of a mask of some sort, he held a machete in his hand. He wore a backpack, and underneath his mask he wore a baseball cap how odd, he stood perfectly still like a statue I wouldn’t have noticed him at first if not for Teacher.
“Why does he…?” I realized I spoke verbally then switched to telepathic thought, something felt unnatural about this man that made me uneasy Teacher picked up on this. “He stands perfectly still holding his machete, I don’t get it”
“Good you can sense the unearthly evil in him”
“Why does he just stand there?” I repeated my question, it made me uncomfortable for some reason to just watch this guy stand there without moving.
“It’s interesting that you didn’t ask why he wears the gas mask, the air is fine there is nothing toxic for him or us to breathe in yet he wears the gas mask”
My attention went to the Law soldiers gas mask since Teacher brought it up. “Since you brought it up why does he wear the mask I’ve never seen a Law soldier wear one before”
“That’s because any men that you saw before weren’t soldiers of Law. They were just working for them but not a part of them, Law has many out in search for things they need or want. But this one he is a soldier of Law make no mistake”
“Why is he just standing there?”
“He’s standing guard”
“Over the town?” I asked.
“No he’s standing guard over the others who are in town, if he sees us he will alert the others and they will come”
“Then what will we do?”
“I know what I would do, but I’m not the one who has to go into town and kill the soldiers who are there”
I looked over at Teacher with a raised brow, what the hell did he mean by that?