I noticed that Teacher kept us at a brisk walking pace he was focused and silent; it was time to ask more questions.
“No it is time to learn the art of war, I’m not here to satisfy your foolish curiosities” Teacher did it again, he was as bad as Leo when it came to disturbing my thoughts as he spoke telepathically to me.
“I thought you couldn’t read my mind?” I said frustrated, my voice disturbing the silence of the forest.
“Don’t speak use thought instead, you waste energy talking at the pace we are walking!” Teacher scolded.
“Ok…” I said feeling a bit wounded.
“Reading your mind would consist of me picking your brain and learning everything about you; all of your secrets I would know. To us thinking a thought is no different than speaking aloud”
“And you said you can hear Leo too?”
“Yes” he pushed his way through the bushes I lined up behind him as he sliced and cut a path we stepped out into a clearing the pace ensued.
“Why couldn’t I hear Rayne speak to you?”
“Because she is one who chooses not to speak often, she isn’t as talkative as the cat”
“Mountain Lion!” Leo exclaimed feeling disrespected by Teachers comment.
“Enough about small issues its time to learn!” Teacher said firmly. “Starting with your foot steps, focus on how much weight you put on each step. I’m amazed at how such a small female can walk and sound like she’s 500 pounds!” He quickly paced backwards until he was beside me then he firmly grabbed my wrist as he stared at the ground in front of us. “Watch me feet” he slowly walked showing deliberate motion he made no sound as he walked, he turned facing me. “Now you try” his eyes went to my feet waiting for me to walk. I took a few loud steps his hand went out quickly it shook as if he were trying to fan out a fire. “No, no, easy! Relax your body and your feet will follow!” He proceeded to walk toward me. “Watch again, study my motion and how my feet are positioned!” He slowly walked toward me as I studied his overall motion. He made his way to me moving graciously like a cat.
“Speak for yourself” Leo said, I glanced over at him.
“Oh so now you’re a cat?”
“Pay attention Inshallah!” Teacher yelled inside my head, haha, how funny that sounded to say that someone yelled inside my head. “Now try it again” his eyes went to my feet watching me as I walked the tension in his face left as I neared him. “Good that is much better. Now lets work on something else, you have to learn how to take full advantage of your angles and use timing to your advantage”
For the better part of an hour he worked various techniques of combat with me I was amazed at how quickly I caught on; it was partly due because of my gift, Teacher said that that those who possess the gift are fast learners but he never explained how. He went over brief the finer points of combat and how I should take full advantage of my speed and strength against any opponent. I knew I had speed but I didn’t feel any stronger in fact I felt weak when I fought Teacher. He said each gifted draws power from their animal and that it mimics the animals own strengths. For example Teacher has incredible eyesight like a hawk, his hands are powerful and his grip is like a steel vice just like an eagles claws. He is strong but all gifted are abnormally strong but I don’t know how strong Teacher is. But his is light on his feet and moves like the wind.
I on the other hand am attached to Leo, I have cat like agility, incredible eyesight, my sense of smell is like Leo’s and my strength according to Teacher is higher than any ordinary mans. When I learn to master my gift I will be a force that only another gifted could come against, I like the sound of that.