I slept peacefully, there were no nightmares or anything negative that usually caused me to wake up. It was truly peaceful. It was equally pleasant to have the extra protection of Teacher while I slept; between Teacher and Leo anyone unfortunate enough to stumble into camp would have been dealt something awful if they had ill intent. Breakfast consisted of deer meat and water my stomach was yet content again, something that was not the norm as of late. As we broke camp my questions returned, Teacher was putting out the morning fire when I asked him questions that had been burning on my mind from the previous day.
“Why do you wear the Chinese clothing?” I asked. Teacher was kicking dirt over the hot embers he kept his focus on his task while speaking.
“Excuse me?” He said. “I don’t quite understand the nature of your query”
“Well dad told me of his travels in Asia, he spoke of how people from China looked and dressed, you are obviously not Chinese but you wear the clothing”
Teacher stopped a moment but kept his gaze on the bonfire studying it and quite possibly thinking of what to say.
“It isn’t important” he started kicking more dirt over the fire.
“I’ve never seen anyone but white men, I would make the safe guess that you’re black?” I said it almost as if I was worried that I would offend him.
“Your assumption is correct to an extent, my father was a black man my mother was white”
I perked up with interest. “Wow ok! My mom had some black in her too”
Teacher glanced up at me I thought for sure something offended him, his face didn’t show it but his eyes was another matter. “Oh really? How often?” He replied.
I nodded my head confused. “I don’t quite understand”
“You said your mother had some black in her, I retorted how often as in how often was she with this black guy sexually?”
My face blushed I tilted my head down getting his meaning but also sensing that he was being sarcastic he was offended after all by my question.
“Ouch” Leo replied.
“Everything is packed away hidden in the forest and the fire is safely out. And now if you don’t have anymore stupid questions we need to make it to town by noon” I let my hair fall over my face to conceal my embarrassment, but said nothing. “Good” he looked upward at the sky just as I heard a bird screech. “Rayne will navigate for us from the skies”
I looked up seeing the large bird circling, I think it was the one from the other day. “It was from the other day” Teacher said interrupting my thoughts,
“You can…?”
“Speak telepathically? Yes. It’s how I talk to my eagle Rayne, just as you speak to Leo. And no I can’t read your mind, I can only hear your thoughts”
“Are we the only two that have the gift?”
“No there are others good and evil who are like us”
“There are evil ones with the gift? But how?” I was confused.
“There are not many of us, only a handful in the United States. The first one given a gift was on the side of evil, the second was on the side of good and he was to keep the balance”
“Do they all have animal companions?”
“What other animals are there?” I asked excitedly.
“I’ve never encountered another gifted one until you but I knew there were others, I’d heard from a small group of scavengers further north that they had met one who possessed great physical skill and traveled with an animal like I did. Her animal companion was an alligator the scavengers crossed her near water, it’s possible that she only stays near water due to her companion I’m not sure but it makes sense to me”
Rayne screeched from above circling impatiently.
“Looks like he’s short tempered” I said.
“Rayne is a female not male, and yes she is. Lets get a move on”
Rayne flew off until she was no longer in sight, we began our little trek for the town in the direction she flew. I had more questions and I was determined to ask them, besides it was a great way to pass the time.