“Hello daddy”
“Hello my morning star, I see that God granted you something”
“Yes but I’ve failed already”
“How so?”
“I let that guy teacher beat me, who knows what will happen now when I wake up”
“Have you noticed that you always rush head first into situations without thinking?”
“And if you had not rushed into situations and stopped for just a moment that maybe God has placed things in your path to help you?”
“Like what?”
“Haha oh my dearest morning star. When you first saw Leo you were ready to kill him and now he is your companion; he was sent to be your companion and to give you the gift”
“Yea I messed up at first on that one”
“And now you need someone to teach you how to use your new gift don’t you?”
“Wait… Are you saying Teacher is the one who’s supposed to teach me?”
“What do you think?”
“Ok daddy I get it”
“Use your head more often, sound like a good plan?”
“Good now wake up and meet your new teacher!” Was the last thing he said.
I could smell the delicious scent of cooking meat before I even opened my eyes, I felt the heat of a cooking fire and the crackling noise of fire wood. I sat up rubbing my eyes seeing Leo eating a piece of cooked deer meat. “I see you didn’t wait for me” I said to him while he dug into the meat.
“Hunger waits for no one” he said while chewing.
“Mmm that tastes good!” I commented, the benefits of sharing senses with Leo.
“Lucky for you while you slept I licked my balls and groomed myself” Leo jested.
“Welcome back to the living Inshallah” Teacher said, I’d almost forgotten that he was there he blended smoothly in with the night with his dark skin and black clothing. The fire barely showed the outline of his body.
“You are gifted aren’t you? You were faster than me and stronger” I said.
“Yes I am gifted, have been now for close to a year! But I’m not faster than you, stronger yes but not faster” his voice was lighthearted and peaceful.
“You seemed faster to me!”I said rubbing my eyes.
“That’s because my instincts are quicker, once you learn this then our battle could be a lot more interesting” he extended his arm to the deer cooking over the fire. “Please eat we can talk more after you’ve filled your stomach with much needed nourishment!” He smiled then pulled quickly unsheathed a sword cutting through the deer meat, he caught it with an old plate that looked age stained. “Here” he said offering the plate of meat. “Don’t worry the plate is clean, I keep all of my dishes germ free by washing them”
I took the plate and eagerly took a bite out of the meat instantly burning the roof of my mouth but I didn’t care I was hungry. Looking at the plate a question came to me. “Where did you find dishes there aren’t any out here in the forest”
“Of course not, I found a few plates and cups and some silverware in the city; comes in handy on my travels”
“The city?” I said with a mouthful of meat. I quickly chewed so I could finish my thought verbally. “My dad said the cities were dangerous, how did you survive?”
“And your father was correct, it’s much safer away from the cities. Law controls some of the cities now, not all of them mind you but enough. It doesn’t matter what city though because they all are corrupt”
“My father spoke of Law when I was a little girl, what are they truly though? Who leads them?”
“Law has been even before the Fall, their beliefs have been for as long as free enterprise has been. There are always those who take it too far; who feel the need to let greed overcome them. I’ve come to believe that Law was even at the start of man”
“That’s not possible, my dad said that mankind was perfect and could do no wrong at the start of humanity”
“Yet Adam fell didn’t he, as did his wife”
“I don’t understand”
“You will just as you will come to understand who leads Law, I can only hope that you never come face to face with him!”
“God gave us our gifts why should we be afraid of anyone or anything including the leader of Law?”
“We are human fear is apart of what we are; and just because God gave us the gifts we possess it doesn’t mean that we can’t be killed”
“Butts are what we sit on never assume anything Inshallah! Please save questions for tomorrow, you need to finish your dinner then go to sleep. We are going to a small town nearby in the morning; I spotted some thugs from Law there this morning. They are there to hunt for women no doubt”
“They have guns so why are we going there?”
“We have the gift, besides this will be great for your training. Less talking and more eating” he pointed to my food.
So I ate. My first hunt was in the morning, I was excited. I had many questions they could wait for now, until after the hunt.