The man walked toward me Leo growled preparing to attack. “No Leo this is my fight!” I said. Leo relaxed slowly moving back behind me. I was too slow? My footwork was messy? How was I too slow I possessed incredible speed. Stepping forward I swung the bat the man brought his arm up his four arm striking the bat from an inside angle he didn’t show any pain if he’d felt any; striking his arm with the bat felt like I was striking a tree. He front leg quickly rose up kicking me in the stomach, he kicked the air out of me causing me to step back while if fought to breath. His fist came at me quickly I swung my bat at his hand while staggering backwards it caused him to stop his forward progress momentarily. I took a few deeps breaths and composed myself.
“May I?” Leo asked. This guy seemed faster than me he was like a living weapon I knew I couldn’t beat him. I rested my bat on my shoulder.
“Sure why not? Go for it” I tried to act calm as if just getting beaten by a man didn’t affect me. Leo leapt from behind me flying over my left shoulder you could tell he was itching to get into this fight. The man who called himself Teacher rolled to the side as Leo landed where he once stood, he came to his feet then leapt at Leo landing on Leo’s back. He locked his legs around Leo’s midsection then put his arms around Leo’s neck and held on as Leo fought to break free by rolling around on his back. It didn’t work, Teacher stayed on him like a tick. Leo’s movements became slower and weaker I realized that he was fading. I rushed to his aid yelling and screaming which was a bad idea. I alerted Teacher that I was attacking. I successfully kicked him a few times at the center of his thigh, Leo went limp he was unconscious. Teacher rolled to the side pushing Leo off of him then stood up; I wasn’t waiting I brought my bat down on him both of my hands gripped on the handle for maximum power as I ran as fast as I could at him. He stood up twisting his body slightly while keeping his eyes on me, my bat slid downward missing him striking the ground with a thud. I tried bringing the bat back up he grabbed the top of my hand twisting my wrist disarming me, the bat fell to the ground. With little effort his palm struck the side of my ribs it brought great pain to me I became very dizzy staggering back before falling to the ground and fainting.