He casually spun each sword in his hand each side taking a turn as he spoke, he eyed Leo with curiosity but strangely not with fear. “Eh…” He said calmly. “I’ll only need one sword if that” upon speaking he placed one of his swords back in its scabbard. “So do I fight you both or do you want to each have a shot? My advice would be that you both attack at the same time, it will give you better odds” he looked over at me; it was so strange that his eyes were calm like that old woman’s.
“I’ll fight you!” I said angrily, I was uneasy with how relaxed he was but my newfound speed would do well in this fight.
“If you’re trying to convince me that you’re brave I can only see that you’ve shown me foolishness” he laughed. “And all over the deer that stumbled into my trap” he nodded his head. Lowering his sword his continued to nod as if this was all a waste of time; I’d show him. I rushed at him impressed with my own speed bringing my dagger at his stomach, he was a man and men could not be trusted in this world so he had to die. In fact the only man I ever trusted was my father. Before my blade even got close enough to him to be a threat the tip of his sword connected with great precision on the curved back of my blade. In one smooth motion he flicked his wrist causing me to loose the grip on my dagger, my fingers loosened and my dagger fell to the ground; stepping back quickly taking full advantage of my speed I reached and pulled my bat from it resting place on my back. The man stepped forward his footsteps were silent and light, I swung my bat from left to right he brought his sword forward in between my swinging it stopped the bats motion making a clanging sound from his blade striking my bat. I stepped back more to keep distance. “You move backwards too often; it gives your opponent momentum” he looked down at my feet lowering his sword to his side. “Your footwork is too heavy and very slow” he put his sword back in its scabbard. “I like the bat though, nice touch. But you have to know how to really use a weapon to grasp its full potential. A true warrior master his body before he masters a weapon!” He brought his lead hand back close to his face as he breathed out.
“Have you noticed his speed Inshallah?” Leo remarked while I tried to regroup my thoughts.
“Yes but how?”
“Ask him” Leo said.
“Ugh…” I said annoyed by yet another simple statement. “Why don’t you ask him?” I replied.
“Well I could talk but he wouldn’t hear me; my speech is telepathic not vocal”
The man interrupted the volley of words between Leo and I.
“Your first lesson isn’t over yet, attack me I am unarmed” he was so damn calm I don’t get it. “Then again maybe you just aren’t able to defeat a man” he laughed. “You may call me teacher, you haven’t earned the right to speak my name”
That’s it there was no way I was going to let a man beat me, I’d already felt foolish for loosing my dagger. Besides there was the little issue of the deer as well and I was getting hungry.