Leo bolted off with a quickness a feline like he would have; it was an artful joy to watch him as he ran. “What are you waiting for? Dinner won’t catch it self!” He shouted. I took off after him not realizing at first that I was able to catch up; my legs were moving quickly I was keeping pace with Leo once I caught up to him. “It seems your speed matches mine; no wonder you slept so long, God re-wired you!” Leo jokingly remarked. The forest quickly started to approach at the speed we ran; I laughed loudly at the excitement of running so fast.
“Whoo hooo!” I yelled out, Leo stopped at the forests edge.
“You don’t really know how to hunt do you? For starters you don’t make all that noise!”
“Sorry I was just excited is all”
Leo’s eyes tracked the forest his head darting about working in unison with his hearing and sense of smell. I glanced in the direction that he focused on picking up the deer’s scent before seeing it through the bush; it stood silent as its nose fluttered it had picked up our scent then shot off away from us. “It’s on the move let’s go!” Leo said while taking off into the forest. “Veer off to the right we’ll keep it from reaching its escape route!” Leo darted through the bush leaping over fallen tree trunks and shooting through areas that were large enough for his body to fit. I ran off to the right as instructed, I was amazed that I could avoid tree branches that came close to striking me while I ran or rolled underneath areas that should have trapped me. My senses were heightened I could smell things around me that I never knew was there, I could hear the deer’s hooves touch the ground, I could also hear the quickness of its beating heart. Leo and I closed the distance he sprang forward swiping at the back of the deer’s legs in an attempt to bring it down, the deer bolted quickly to the right narrowly avoiding Leo’s strike. Leo kept up staying just behind the deer and reached out again to trip the animal up, the deer let out a scream as it went into the air catching Leo and I off guard. After a few moments I noticed that the deer had been snagged by a trap it helplessly dangled a few feet above the ground trying to break free of the rope tied around its leg.
“If you’re thinking of cutting down my dinner think again!” Said a mans voice behind us. We turned to see a man clothed in what looked to be a black Chinese style shirt. He was a tall man with a large frame, even though I stood with Leo the man didn’t seem alarmed.
“We were tracking it so really it’s ours not yours” I said firmly.
“We…?” The man said before looking at Leo.”How interesting that you have a pet mountain lion, and well trained at that!”
“I’m nobody’s pet!” Leo said.
“He can’t hear you” I told Leo.
“I know but I can still voice my opinion!” Taking out my dagger I stood between the deer and the man. “You can’t have it” I said. The man smiled before looking down at my dagger.
“Oh you have a blade?” He giggled lightheartedly before pulling out two small looking swords from their scabbards that were somewhat hidden underneath his oversized shirt. “These are my blades and they’re much bigger than yours!”