It seemed like I’d slept for days when I woke; I felt rested and at ease. The weight of the world had lifted from my shoulders or so it seemed at the moment. Slowly I sat up hunching forward while resting my hands on my legs I looked up to the sky after hearing a bird screeching; taking a deep breath I inhaled the cool air. It was morning when I first met Leo but now it was late afternoon. “How long was I out?” Leo rose then reached down licking his paw as he brought it to his mouth.
“For most of the day”
“Wow…” I said amazed. “What happened that it would make me sleep so long?”
Leo looked up at me. “Guess only time will tell I suppose”
I glanced at him with slight irritation over such a basic comment. “You’re some type of spiritual creature sent by God yet you don’t know a simple question?”
“I am a mountain lion not a floating angel equipped with wings; I was never a creature of heaven when I perish I will return to the earth just as you”
“Really? I thought you were of the angelic order; I mean how many animals can talk?”
“All of them you just don’t understand”
“Ok so how many speak telepathically?”
“All of them since the days of the first human Adam”
I stood up dusting myself off, then I retrieved my dagger and bat. “My bad for thinking animals were all stupid”
“No need for an apology, I still think humans are dumb”
I turned with a quick glance at Leo. “That’s not an insult if you intended it to be because I agree with you” I smelled something on the air, looking around I started to track the scent.
“For the record it’s not you who is smelling that scent it’s me. We just are spiritually and mentally connected thus you can smell, see, hear, and taste what I do”
“Can you stop reading my thoughts then interrupt me?”
Looking around I notice that the scent is coming from across the field where the forest picked back up. “What is it that I’m smelling?”
“It’s a deer, obviously you’re hungry but then again so am I. Let’s go hunting shall we?”