This time I took notice when the big cat crouched preparing to pounce; I didn’t know if I should run or stand my ground.
“You were about to kill me before when you thought me weak now you are afraid?” Said a voice inside my head, I kept my eyes locked on the cat swearing it was the one who spoke. “I am a mountain lion, you sound so foolish when you say cat. I am far more than just a house pet”
I didn’t realize that I’d lowered my bat my eyes were shocked from what I was hearing, a deep voice of a man that spoke inside of my head that was claiming to be coming from this ca.. mountain lion. “What are you?” I asked, the voice inside my head laughed as the mountain lion held its ground it’s large eyes transfixed on my own.
“I told you what I am, but the true answer to what you are seeking you may not be able to fathom”
I lowered my dagger, fully standing up I no longer had the desire to fight my mind tried to grasp what was going on. “Try me…” I said impatiently.
“So be it” the lion said his voice lightening a bit. “I am the bearer of gifts”
I was startled by his puzzled words. “Gifts..? What gifts?”
“Oh I’m sorry I suppose I should be more specific. I bring a gift” we stood staring at each other a moment remaining quiet the wind blew through my hair caressing my skin gently.
“Am I dreaming?” I asked.
“No, you are quite awake child. Do you want the gift or not?”
I stood there a moment wondering what this was all about; one moment I was being hunted, the next I was the hunter, then I became the hunted again ending with this. “What is this gift? Is it death?”
“Why do you seek death child? Do you so badly wish to be released from this world?” The lion retorted.
“This world is cruel it has never shown me anything good! I have always been a victim of it!” My voice was shaky and emotional.
“Then be a victim no more by excepting this gift!” He said firmly.
“From who?”
“From God…”
I stood frozen did he just say that God was giving me a gift?
“Two gifts really, one is me your companion and the other is the great equalizer”
“I don’t understand your meaning” I really didn’t he was speaking in riddles.
“This world is filled with the wicked and they prey on the few that are good of heart! But what the wicked fail to understand is that the meek will inherit the earth, yet the wicked seem to think that meek means weakness. By no means”
I started to realize what he was saying; God had heard me. I remembered when I complained that just once I would like to not be the victim, and to help those who were victimized.
“Are you ready to accept the gift?” He asked.
“First tell me your name” I asked.
“I don’t have one so give me one” he said.
“Leo…” It came off the tongue effortlessly. I recalled a story my father used to tell about a lion named Leo it was one of my favorites.
“And you, what is your name?” Leo asked. I thought a moment realizing that my given name had almost slipped from memory I had no one to tell it to. But a word that my father said often clung strongly in my mind.
“Inshallah” I uttered softly.
“So be it” the tip of Leo’s tail darted slightly to the left then to the right. “Are you ready Inshallah to accept the gift?”
I dropped the weapons to the ground. “Yes…” My words traveled on the wind. Leo crouched his muscled tightening before leaping toward me springing into the air. I closed my eyes unaware of what was going to happen next. His body passed through mine sending flashes of light through my eyes. I felt a great heat surge through me as Leo landed behind me then he turned to watch my body fall to the ground. My eyes remained closed I went unconscious, lying there in an open field but not unprotected. Leo walked up and sat beside me waiting for me to wake.