The cat lowered its muscles rippling as it braced to attack; it’s mouth opened as it hissed at me revealing sharp teeth. I could see by its frame that it was starving, a larger prey to stalk I’m sure was not it’s first choice but it was too hungry to care now. I held my dagger in my right arm pulling it back ready to slice with great vigor upon the cat leaping at me. It sprang into the air directly at me I brought my bat up pulling it back before swinging it forward. My bat struck the cat causing it to twist in pain while still in the air before falling to the ground landing on its feet. I stood feeling more confident, this cat wasn’t so big besides it was also weak; my fear melted away. I knew I was the stronger of the two and my bat gave me the advantage with reach; possibly if the cat was in better shape I’d be more concerned. The feline paced back and forth slowly making sure to keep its eyes on me, I smiled knowing that this was my victory. I could kill this beast and use its meat for food and its fur for clothing; it would be nice to have more clothing. “Are you ready to die cat?” I yelled defiantly. My bat came out in front of me defensively my dagger ready to assist at the proper time. The cat stopped pacing and faced me ready to pounce again. Growling its voice became unnaturally deeper, this was the first thing that surprised me the second was that it began to grow right before my eyes morphing into another cat all together yet larger. What form of magic was this? It slowly grew from a smaller size to a more threatening sized cat. What I was seeing horrified me my fear started to return. As my fear slowly grew I could see in the big cat strength and confidence, it’s small frail frame was replaced with rippling muscle defined. It let out a loud cat like growl I felt it vibrate in my chest, what was going on?