So I caught a squirrel cooked it a few hours ago, it wasn’t much but better than nothing. After a little food and some water my optimism has lifted but not that much, life is still bleak life is still very much hopeless. I kind of got myself lost as I tried hunting for food I don’t even know which direction I’m going now. Walking out into an opening I saw the forest in the distance miles away; I stand in open fields on rolling green hills. Looking back to the forest I wonder if I should continue or go back; the forest was at least a hiding place from would be search parties or anyone looking for a victim, to me that’s all I’ve seen in the world. Those that search for victims, an those that becomes victimized. In most cases women or children; the stronger always seem to prey on the weak. Just once I’d ask God to reverse the roles, give me the power to vindicate this wicked world. I’m not asking to be the one to bring vengeance, I’d just like to be the one who is the great equalizer for a change. The sun slowly rises in the east I can see where the forest line is its about three miles away my guess is. Can I risk it? In the time it would take to walk the distance from here to there I could be spotted; worse yet someone could see me and lie in wait ready to ambush me as I approached the other side. I’d decided to turn back and find another way to go when I heard something; it was subtle at first then stopped. Crouching low I waited my eyes roving about trying to penetrate the bush I knew someone was there, they were just very stealthy. Finally the bushes rustled again ever so softly I backed up cautiously I could feel eyes staring at me. Grabbing for my dagger and bat I heard a low growl I’d never heard it before but I knew that it was an animal, I was being hunted I knew it for sure. My stomach felt uneasy my hand was a bit shaky; fighting a human was one thing but an animal was something entirely different. I heard another low deep growl before the sound of footsteps made their way towards me through the bush, the steps quickened as they neared me I had no place to run so I braced myself for whatever was about to happen. Then I saw it as it leapt out of the bushes with smooth agility, it was something my father spoke of but I’d never seen one before. A cat of some sort but bigger than the house cats my father spoke of yet smaller than the larger cats that were far from The United States.