I’m tired, this existence starts to wear you down. What is the purpose of it all? My father always used to talk about God and say He always had a purpose; what is the purpose to all of this? If this life and all the bull crap that is going on around me has a purpose from on High then God is sadistic. It’s been a full day since I encountered that old woman her words still causing me to search for meaning. I still haven’t eaten I just can’t seem to catch anything; this is a joke. I left the only home I knew just to starve to death. I’m feeling a bit cynical so what, I deserve to after everything I’ve been through. I will die out here in this forest and it will be from starvation I’m sure of it; I’m getting too weak to even hunt for food. Better to die from starvation than to be some sex slave of Law. There are worse ways to die to be certain. I’m just wandering now with no set path to go, I’m too damn hungry to care now. Why did I even leave the safety of home? At least I was familiar with the area.