I watch as both men take off their pants, they are half naked now and unsuspecting the perfect time to strike. They are both talking to the old woman trying to get some form of fear out of her she never shows any. The short guy is bigger he concerns me most. Running out of the bushes I yell out my battle cry running up behind them, before the short guy can turn I swing my bat at the side of his knee cap causing him to buckle, he curses out loud before clumsily falling to the ground. I don’t hesitate I run back into the cover of the forest, the tall guy watches on amazed his eyes greedily following me until I disappear into the bush. “Did you see that?” he exclaims not even paying attention to the fact that his partner is lying on the ground injured, I busted his leg pretty good.
“Of course I bloody saw, you damn fool that little bitch just busted my knee cap!” the short guy yells out enraged holding onto his knee with both hands rocking back and forth on his back. The tall guy scans the forest around him looking for any motion, listening for any sound while unconsciously licking his dry lips.
“She was a pretty one, young and tasty too! She will fetch a hefty price from Law! But first I want to test out the goods!” giggling in a sick manner he reaches down pulling out a small hand gun from his crotch area, eew I feel sorry for the gun. I stay silent, motionless, watching and waiting for his next move he has a gun. I have one too but I don’t know how to use it and have little faith in my accuracy with it. So I wait.
“Come out girly or I will shoot!” he says placing both hands on the gun pointing in the last known direction he saw me run, little does he know I’m off to his right close enough to attack but not fast enough to avoid getting shot if I made a mad dash for him; I wouldn’t make it, I saw guns in action when I was abducted they are scary fast and kill faster. The old lady starts laughing.
“Shut up you old hag!” the guy on the ground says he looks over at her with malice, I have a good look at her now; she is of small stature she was wearing what looked like a single piece of worn brown cloth that she wore like a dress. A rope was tied around her waist to make the cloth more secure. She had no shoes on but then again neither did I; I never had growing up besides my feet were pretty tough from walking barefoot all those years I didn’t need to wear them. Her hair was long and grey, it was messy with a face full of wrinkles her teeth were amazingly white to be so old.Her face remained calm while she smiled.
“I told you there was an opportunity to back away; now you will die today because you could not follow one simple instruction to leave” her voice was so relaxed when she spoke. She just lay there on her side with no desire to even get up and run, maybe her body was too old to do so. The tall guy turned to her his eyes lit with anger his gun now pointed at her.
“Just shut up, just shut up!” he yelled his finger squeezed reeling off three bullets the sound of the gun intruded into my ears making them ring. The old woman reeled back her body went limp.
“You dumb ass you just used all the bullets!” the guy on the ground yelled out. That was all I needed to hear. At top speed I shot from cover my dagger at the ready, my bat in my hand trailing behind my body, my legs bringing me closer to my goal. He turned with a surprised glance at me raising one hand instinctively as I lunged at him his gun still in his hand. Punching him directly in the center of his nose with the use of my brass knuckle that was attached to my dagger blood shot from his nostril; he gave out a loud sigh staggering back trying to catch his balance. I swung my bat at his leg with great force causing him to fall backwards while he yelled out in pain. Leaping forward bringing my dagger down upon him it found its mark in his throat he gasped as blood spurted from his throat. I landed onto the front of his body with a thud then rolled off to the side standing back up, there was no need to finish him he gurgled his last breath before dying.
“There is always time for redemption, a time to walk a better path” the old woman said she slowly stood up dusting herself off, I looked at her there was no sign of blood no injury she smiled kindly at me.
“What the hell!?!?” the guy on the ground yelled staring at the old woman in disbelief.
“Hell…?” she remarked. “Quite the opposite” she softly spoke. She glanced back over at me. “Your heart is pure and true, don’t let it be tainted by wickedness!” her face smiled but her eyes were intense and serious. The guy on the ground who I’d forgotten about reached out grabbing my leg, I hadn’t realized that I was that close to him. My bat rained down on his face until he moved no more, he lay there on his back lifeless his bloodied face caved in from repeated strikes from my trusty weapon. I fought to slow my breathing from my labored work then looked back up to see that the old woman was gone. There was no way she could have moved that quietly and quickly out of sight. Odd indeed…