Shaking off the grogginess of sleep I came to my feet crouching low trying to pinpoint where the voices were coming from. The early morning sun was slowly rising I silently scurried into the bushes for cover. My knife was close to me my right hand gently was resting on the handle, my left hand reached over my back to grab my bat, I preferred to swing then stab it was a great combination. The only problem was my bat wasn’t there. Quickly scanning the area I saw it resting on the ground not far from me; it must’ve fallen out of the leather strap when I fell. Scurrying over I scooped it up, I stayed couched so I would remain unseen. I patiently waited listening to the conversation hearing that it involved two men and what sounded like an older woman, I made my way quietly closer to the voices until I saw one man through the bushes, upon further inspection I saw another man standing beside him. The guy on the left was thin and tall his buddy was short and skinny; they were looking down at someone that I could not see I gathered it was the woman I kept hearing speak.
“I already told you I have nothing” she said, her voice was that of an older woman to be sure. “And if you are sick enough to ask an old woman to take her clothes off you’re far off the moral road”
“Since when did I ever get on the moral road granny?” the short guy said laughing. The skinny guy tapped the short guys shoulder he was amused with his comment he laughed loudly.
“This old bag won’t fetch a good price from Law so what’s the use really?” the short guy glanced over to his partner firmly.
“You never know, I heard that older women still fetch a good price. A woman is a woman, she’s old but not old as dirt yet” he laughed.
“You still have time to do the right thing” the old woman said. I couldn’t see her but her voice sounded so calm it intrigued me that at a moment like this she wasn’t afraid; I almost admired her for such courage or maybe she was just fed up to the point that she wasn’t afraid anymore. Either way I wanted have have courage like that, to be able to look at those scumbags and have no fear. What I did was always out of fear, my weapons would just enforce calm once my enemy was dead.
“Look” the short guy said while unzipping his pants; it was obvious what he planned to do. “I don’t want another word out of you, just get undressed like I told you and do it now!” his voice was irritated. The tall guy started laughing as he too started undoing his pants. My mind flashed back to that horrible moment when I was raped; I wasn’t going to let this poor woman be another victim no woman should have to endure that! My heart rate quickened as I unsheathed my dagger with my right hand and pulled out my bat from its leather strap attached to my back. These bums were going down, and I was going to make sure that they didn’t get back up.