I can feel the sun shine on my face it feels good. The hunger pains in my stomach are gone, as a matter of fact the mental stress that I feel daily is gone. I am standing in a small opening that is surrounded by forest; it looks very similar to where I grew up. I quickly realized that this was a dream but it felt like no ordinary dream. Most of the dreams I had I wasn’t aware that I was in a dream, but I knew without a doubt this was a dream. This place was tranquil my fears and pains whether they be mental or physical was gone this was like I often viewed heaven as. Wait a minute was I…?
“No you are merely getting much needed sleep my love” it was dad, I quickly turned seeing his smiling face. My eyes lit up and my heart fluttered with joy; I leapt forward into his arms shrinking back to the days when I was his little girl.
“Daddy” I sighed out eyes filled with tears, but not tears of pain mind you they were tears of joy. I was so happy to see him again to feel his reassuring arms around me even if it was just a dream. He held me briefly before disengaging his hands softly clutching my arms as he slightly backed away his face turned serious.
“The way you’ve been thinking lately is dangerous; it can make you careless” his eyes stay locked with mine until I look down to the ground I was feeling like I was letting him down I was ashamed.
“Life is dangerous daddy” I softly utter keeping my eyes to the ground. He maintained his calm stature placing his hand on my shoulder.
“Yes it is but you can avoid some of the danger if you just look out in front of you” he gave me that scolding father look I was full aware of it. “To think as you do now is to invite failure, you have to keep the faith that God will guide you through” he smiled reassuringly.
“Did God guide you dad? Did he call mom up to heaven like she thought after things went bad? Did he guide mankind went the earth went to hell?” I wasn’t in the mood to hear the holy talk, it just wasn’t sounding believable to me at the moment.
“The world is wicked unfortunately bad things can happen to us all” he leaned down kissing me on the forehead, I closed my eyes remembering how good that felt when I was a little girl. “The world is no longer reliant on technology because only a few know how to maintain it. Thus the spiritual world is returning open your eyes and you will see. Find your spirituality my daughter and find your peace in this life, Inshallah” I smiled upon hearing him say that, it did my heart good. I felt a falling sensation in my stomach I looked around to see the cause while touching my stomach with my hand. What was Happening? The dream world faded away as my eyes opened just before I hit the ground with a thud. I had fallen out of the tree knocking the wind out of me. Fortunately I fell on my back and was limp the damage could have been a lot worse. It was early morning the sun was just barely starting to come up. I lay there a moment trying to catch my breath looking up at the sky. I heard voices not far from where I was that caused my adrenaline to kick in my breathing quieted and I forgot the pain instantly…