I sat there a bit just listening to the sounds of the night it had a calming effect but not enough to help me sleep, my stomach was growling. This life was so bleak it was hopeless. The only thing anyone had to look forward to was either their next meal or the sweet release of death, anything in between was dismal at best. Life was hard enough then multiply that if you were a female, when you think about it this life was downright scary for a female. You can’t trust any man because they have a penis, and I’ve only come across men out here never a woman. That means either most females are in bondage being forced to work in the sex slave industry fueled by Law; or are in hiding. I hope that they are just in hiding. Dad would always talk about God and how He had a greater plan, I can’t see how. There is a plan but not God’s, the only plan is to survive.
“You don’t mean that” said my dad, I don’t feel startled because I know it’s just my imagination; I’ve been alone for so long my mind has created inside my head a way to hold conversation so I don’t get any crazier.
“I do dad, I’m tired there’s really nothing to look forward to in life or this world”
“Come now surely you don’t believe that”his voice was soothing and calm but I could hear disappointment as well.
“There is nothing to believe in dad” I respond.
“You must find your faith that is what will feed the fire, your faith will ignite the will to live!”
Resting my head on my arms that are crossed laying on my knees I begin to wonder if my butt will get sore at some point sitting on this branch. I am starting to feel tired my eyes feel heavy I don’t feel like responding back to dads comment. My eyes close I just need a moment to clear my mind, I’m so hungry.