It’s been two days since I left the only place I ever knew behind and already things have gotten worse. I haven’t been able to find food and when I do find it I can’t catch it. I haven’t been this hungry for years, maybe it’s Karma for saying I was a better hunter than dad was. The day seemed to go by quickly I stayed pretty distracted I was focused on finding food; I’d lost daylight didn’t want to be moving about at night I was in unfamiliar territory. I found a spot to hide by climbing into a large tree, the branches were thick and the leaves made for perfect cover. It was peaceful sitting up there I felt as if I were part of the forest just another appendage of the tree. Chirping of the nights insects added to the serenity, dad said they were crickets or something of that sort I’ve never seen one to really compel me to want to know more about them; just simply that they were a form of a bug was enough information. Dad would always softly hum holding me close to him as he sang, I could feel the vibration of his voice as I laid on his chest it always put me to sleep. I felt a painful tug in my stomach, it was time to shut down my thoughts or it would overwhelm me. I never confronted the loss of my father and I still won’t just too much pain there to deal with. I never felt so alone and I knew I always would be; this world was too damn ugly to ever trust anyone let alone a man. I did have sexual cravings I am human after all; that was quickly remedied with a moment of self gratification who needs a man for that I don’t. To distract my mind I think about what what dad told me about him and mom right before the Fall. Dad was a doctor, mom was a lawyer he said they made a good living, they had a house in a place called suburbs. Wiping away beads of sweat from my face I patiently wait for the weather to cool down, it a hot day. I can hear motion below me sounds like it could be dinner I don’t know but not going to chance it. I don’t want to give away my position in case someone is near-bye. In the morning at the break of dawn I better be able to find some food to eat. The moon is full it’s bluish rays fill the night sky; I hope I can get some sleep I will need the rest if I’m going to be hunting in the morning.