Two midwives attended Aleene as her husband Caste calmly stood to the side of the bed patiently waiting. One midwife stood right beside holding her hand gently caressing Aleene’s hair as she combated labor. The midwife would say words of confidence when needed. The other midwife was in front of Aleene coaching her through labor telling her when to breath and push. Caste could’ve eased his wife’s birth pangs but it was not the way of his people. The Feya believed that a woman would appreciate her children more when she experienced the pains of labor. Magic could not be used to ease a mother’s birth pangs, it was a rite of passage for her. It was the way of life and nature according to the Feya, but they were long gone and only Caste remained. Caste, the last of his people, the last of the Feya. He was one of the elders of his tribe, his magic was powerful. And in the end when the doom spell was released, the chief who was more powerful than any Feya gave all of his magic to Caste in his last moments of life knowing that it would be the only way at least one Feya would survive. It was a truly unselfish act by the chief. And now that only one Feya remained, Caste felt it was his duty to pass the traditions on to his wife and children. Caste had a wife and daughter before, but their lives were taken instantly upon the release of the doom spell along with the Feya, and millions of others in the world. But that was a long time ago. Thousands of years had passed since that horrible event, and Caste had found love in once more in Aleene. Caste waited in silence with mixed emotions being reminded of his first wife and the birth of his daughter. Even time could not erase their memory. At the top of the Valdous Mountains Caste had erected a memorial for his people and for his wife and daughter. No one was allowed to set foot there but Caste. He would visit the memorial once a week on the seventh day. Aleene breathed and pushed and finally the first child emerged, the baby seemed to just glide out falling into the midwifes hands. She stared at the baby a moment realizing how pale it’s skin was, the baby was even more pale than his mother who had white skin. Caste took notice how shocked the midwife was. Walking over he placed his hand with care on the midwifes shoulder while looking down at the baby.

“A boy.” Caste said with a smile. Reaching down Caste grabbed the baby boy from the midwife’s Hands. He brought the baby close to his face. “We have a son Aleene my love.” Caste glanced over at his wife, Aleene looked at him with tired eyes. She was breathing heavily but was overjoyed nonetheless at seeing her son.

“His skin my lord…” the midwife said. Then she caught herself.

“Yes, he is an albino.” Caste replied looking into his sons crystal blue eyes. The baby’s eyes briefly flickered with electricity then faded. Caste stared in awe. “Though you are half blood, the power of the old magic flows through you and welcomes you.” Caste paused a moment. “Your name shall be Nimbus. For I can see in you powerful sky magic.”

Caste turned noticing that there was complications with the second baby. Aleene showed great discomfort. The boy of seeing his first son was now put on hold while Caste studied what was going on. Both midwives spoke and acted urgently. And Caste with his great magic could see things that the midwives could not. But Caste knew that he could not intervene. Fate would make the decisión. He stared at the pain that showed on his beloveds face, the midwife beside Aleene was holding her hand fully aware of Aleene’s failing heartbeat. The other midwife looked up at Caste with great concern. There had been complications much earlier in Aleene’s pregnancy but Nimbus’s magic had sustained her. Now that Nimbus was no longer in the womb and free of Aleene’s body her health was greatly deteriorating. The midwives fought to keep Aleene and the remaining baby that was still inside her alive, but it then turned to just saving the baby. There was no hope for Aleene now. Her breathing continued to slow until she was breathing no more. One of the midwives suggested that since the remaining baby was so deep in the womb and there was no longer assistance from Aleene, they would have to cut the baby out. As the midwife prepared a tiny albino hand could be seen reaching out. In awe the midwife aided the baby in exiting Aleene but it almost seemed like the baby would’ve done it on its own even if the baby had not been helped. The midwife wrapped the second baby and brought it to Caste who looked down at the baby boy with tears in his eyes.

“Nimbus came aided by magic, and he entered the world with ease. But you my son, you fought your way into this world on your own, and with death fast on your heels. For that you shall be named Eliteus.” Caste said with tearful eyes. In the new world language that had evolved from the old the name Eliteus derived from a word that meant superior strength and cunning. Although his beloved Aleene did not survive Caste now had twin sons. The albino brothers Nimbus and Eliteus.


You will see various types of words used in regards to times in the series: The Albino Brothers. To help you as you read use this as a reference. Only the first chapter will use any familiar terms of time. From the second chapter on all references used will be in story time.

It is close to twenty thousand years in the future from present day. And seven thousand years from the time of the New World Series before the doom spell was released. Therefore many things are different such as how to explain time. Here is a brief breakdown of what you will hear in regards to time in this series. This way of telling time, days, months, years, was made popular by The Seekers Of Truth clan as their Trackers made contact with various tribes throughout Old America.

A second is Slipz

A minute is Tiks (60 slipz)

An hour is Duration (60 tiks)

Half day is mid rotation

One day is a Rotation (24 Durations)

A week is a stretch (7 rotations)

One month is a Completion (on average 30 rotations)

A Year is Cycle (365 Rotations)

Sway: Hours of the day between seven am to five pm. Example: four o’clock would be 4 sway.

Turne: hours in the evening between six to eight. Example: 8 turne.

Downe: hours of the night between 9 o’clock to eleven o clock. Example: 10 down.

Infi: hours in the early morning from 12 am to six am. Example: 12 infi.

To save the earth the Elders Of Twelve along with the tribal leader Papa Jinx unleashed a spell against their enemy. They had no idea that the spell would not bring down their powerful foe, but also wipe out most of humanity and decimate all of the others races from the face of the earth. In those times there were five races. Feya, who were the first upon the earth and of magical origin. And from the Feya came the next race which were humans. Humans were the weakest of the five races. From humans came humanities. Humanities were created by mankind. Then there were mutants and A.I who were also created by man. So it was an interesting twist of fate that the races that humans created became the ones to dominate the earth. But it was the original people of earth, the Feya that brought the end to them. When the Mad God came crashing to earth reigning destruction up the five races it was the Feya who ultimately unleashed a spell that would bring down the Mad God. A spell that forced the Mad God to flee deep into the earth to hide from the spell that the Feya has created. When the spell reached the Mad God it did not kill him as he thought, but it did send him into a forced slumber. And so it was then the Mad God became the Dark Dreamer. For the rest of the world the spell swept across the globe taking life from almost all of humanity, the spell wiped out all humanites, A.I., and mutants. It unleashed such death and destruction upon the earth that it was called the doom spell. The spell did not even give mercy to its creators or its people. The Feya were wiped out completely save for one. Seven thousand passed and the spell merged with the nanites that had fled from their hunmanite hosts. This merging caused what humans called shimana, a magical power blended with science that many believed was a conscious force that was intelligent. For thousands of years the shimana created new creatures, or took existing animals and evolved them to new forms. The landscape in certain areas were reformed. The environment had also greatly changed. There were no snowy months and the only snow that could be found was in the mountains. Eventually man began to thrive in various areas of the earth in small villages. Due to the doom spell technology could not thrive, even if mankind had the intelligence to invent as they always had. Although basic inventions could be done. Even though shimana was a blend of magic and science, the doom spell came from a separate source, it was old world magic, and it was old world magic that kept technology from thriving.

With the aggressive onslaught of shimana, hybrid magic still could still not overtake the old magic. But there was no denying that hybrid magic was the new influence in the world. Humanity were the dominant ones once again, and thanks to Caste, a school of magic was created to ensure that humans remained the dominant species, for he did not want to see history repeated. Caste sought out the few who had a natural ability for magic, they were called true born. Old magic was drawn to a true born. But a true born could not tap into shimana. Old magic was their source. With the sprouting up of newly trained mages life was starting to be good for the surrounding areas of the Valdous Mountain. With the protection of the mages, humans could focus on the betterment of their lives. It almost gave the illusion of normalcy. Outside the protective areas of the Valdous life was still very hard, but humanity endured. A new force far to the north was gaining power. A cruel and ruthless army called Law slowly was taking hold of the north with its eye on spreading its rein across Old America. With a cunning and powerful humanite named Juma as Laws general, it was almost assured that this would become a reality. Caste had been watching and became concerned with Law. No armies in the north had the power that Law did, and in the south was a few kingdoms and villages or tribes but Caste felt that in time even those would fall at Laws feet. In the Midwest was the Brawn, they were a strong tribe of shimana born bears with great intelligence and strength to match. The Brawn would be the true test for Law. But if Law could defeat the Brawn? Then Law would have a direct path to the west. Caste had no worries of Law or even Juma, his kingdom was safe. No power on earth could rise up against Caste’s magic. The only problem was that Caste was confined to the Valdous Mountains where one of the wells of old magic resided. If he ever left the mountains his magic would weaken over time.

But there were others that could also rise up against Law, and possibly against Caste. They were called The Ministry. Ruled by the Grand Cleric Ocid, they were users of ascendant magic. Unlike true born or shimana born whose bodies were vessels for magic to flow through, ascendant magic used talismans to gain access to hybrid magic. Thanks to their use of talismans they were a force to be reckoned with. The Ministry started a few hundred years ago from a clan called The Seekers. The Seekers had grown strong under the tutelage or Orakel, a mysterious being that lived far to the north who even under the great power of the doom spell was able to make great feats of technological inventions. Science was the faith of the Seekers, they strived to find ways to bring mankind back to the glory days of science. The Seekers looked down on those who believed in gods or superstition. The Seekers had gained much favor from Orakel and he helped their clan grow. The original members of the ministry had broken from The Seekers a few hundred year ago to make their own clan due to conflict. Although there were similarities in their belief systems. But where they differed from the Seekers was the belief and use of shimana. The Seekers abhorred magic and mistrusted anything born of it. But they did not do anything to disturb magic users or try to find a way to end magic. No The Seekers chose to just steer clear of things magical altogether in hopes that science would eventually break down magic. It had happened in the past before, it could happen again in time. But the Ministry believed in something more aggressive. To the Ministry all magic users could not be trusted therefore they must be eliminated. But first the Ministry had to build up its own weapons meaning talismans that could conjure enough magic to defeat the Ministry’s enemies. To the Ministry it did not sound hypocritical to use magic to kill magic users. In fact it was justified vindication. In the first hundred years of the Ministry’s inception they had worked on discovering what talismans worked best for storing and calling upon hybrid magic. The next hundred years was focused on learning how to properly use the magic. And within those two hundred years a great kingdom rose. It was the kingdom of Barga. Barga sat between the Fang Rivers, and the Fang’s source was the Great Lake which was north of Barga. To each side of the empire the Fang stretched flowing south. The rivers were quite wide with violent currents, it was very dangerous to cross. And to the front of Barga in the south was the Se’Ling Forest. The Se’Ling stretched from one side of the Fang River to the other side. The forest was very dense and difficult to travel through. Barga was seated in the middle of four natural barriers, it was ideal protection. Any enemies that had the desire to even attempt an attack on Barga would leave themselves open as they tried to travel to the kingdom. There had been plans from neighboring tribes to overtake Barga in the past, all had failed.

And from this Barga flourished as a empire, and as a society for they had no worries from the outside which meant they could enjoy life so to speak. Most of the citizens though were not like the Ministry. They did not have the same desires to crush magic users, but since they were influenced by the Ministry’s beliefs most of its citizens did have a dislike to some level against magic. Barga was ruled by one man, but he was not called a king. The ruler was called the Grand Cleric. Which was odd in a way because of the Ministry’s anti religious beliefs. For certain there were things of the Ministry fold that was contradictory yet it was not debated. Quite possibly the Ministry believed that what they followed was a true religion, and that how they followed their faith was the pure way to do so. Within the two hundred years of Barga’s existence Ocid was the fourth Grand Cleric of Barga. There was always two Overseers to the Grand Cleric who ruled over the two other regions within Barga for the empire was very large, and the advisors were treated by citizens with great reverence. The Grand Cleric used his advisors to run the farthest reaches of the empire, and for different opinions on matters. The Grand Cleric always had the final say. The empire was clean with cobble streets so mud was not tracked about. The huts or larger houses were made from mud and crushed stone, the surfaces of the average house was smooth and artfully done with roofs made from of mixture of stick, thin stone, and sealant made from honey and mud. In a world of mostly villages and tribes Barga was a grand spectacle to view. Most were not aware that is was ascendant magic that made most of the first buildings including the Grand Clerics palace, and the hall of ministry. As well as the wall that surrounded the lands of Barga, and the guard towers attached to the wall every half mile. The hall of ministry was a site to behold with vaulted ceilings and long corridors. The hall of ministry was where ascendants were trained in hand to hand, and the use of magical talismans. Some became personal guard for the Grand Cleric, and his Overseers. While most became Base warriors for the empire under the Grand Clerics rule.

The ranks of the warriors of Barga are as this. The one who is the most skilled in combat, and in ascendant power is the commander. There is only one commander in the Barga war class. The commander is in charge of the army of Barga. Although he answers to the Grand Cleric he has complete freedom to use the army as he sees fit as long as it is for the betterment of The Ministry, and the greater improvement of the empire. But the commander must go before the Grand Cleric with his plans before acting on them if it is of a more serious nature. The commander is known by the dark purple colors he wears. Next are the successors. The have great skills in combat, and in ascendant magic. On average there are ten successors, but there were more during the first era of the Barga empire. A successor takes orders from the commander and they run smaller divisions of armies and also lead special missions when they are needed. A successor wears the color golden brown. Commanders and successors are trained in weapons such as swords and archery, and knives. They are the only three classes that are trained in every type of combat and use ascendant magic. Scouts are the next class. They have various tasks such as spying on enemies, making maps for better travel for others, which means their job is a dangerous one. For this they are trained in ascendant magic, and all weapons training required for their job. They also are trained hand to hand fighters, and know how to live off the land in extreme cases of survival. Their weapon classification is the short sword accompanied with the now and arrow. Their colors worn are camouflage. Archers are the next class, they wear the color blue. They are skilled in archery, hand to hand and knife fighting but are not taught ascendant magic or sword fighting. They are used for long distant combat, but are also skilled enough to use their archery skills in close range, or they use their knife fighting skills in close combat. An archer is a desired rank for many citizens but many fail to join the ranks due to the strict requirements. You must be of highborn heritage to be considered for anything above an archer, that is why so many strive for archer due to it status. Archers live good lives in Barga. Lastly are the base warriors, they wear the color forest green. They make up the bulk of the Barga army. Base are trained in basic hand to hand, and sword fighting. They are not taught ascendant magic, and live the most basic of lives in the empire.

Barga was bustling with its regular morning routine. The market was full of people buying and selling. The scent of fresh baked goods filled the air, and children ran about on their way to school. Unlike most tribes and clans in Old America, school was part of every day life here in Barga. Education was paramount to the further advancement of the empire. Barga like their cousin clan The Seekers Of Truth, felt that only education could bring humanity out of the dark ages. One might question how Barga had flourished so well only being two hundred years old. The Seekers had been around for close to a thousand years and had built and equally visually stunning empire called New Columbus. It was located in Old Ohio. From the borrowed steps and accomplishments of New Columbus Barga was easily created. There were also defectors from New Columbus that had come to Barga. In essence Barga was merely a twin empire of New Columbus.

Tantrum rode his horse down the busy cobblestoned street looking about at the children, he smiled at their happiness and innocence. His skin was lighter than most, he also had fiery curly red hair and green eyes which set him apart from the common brown eyes and brown or black hair. When Tantrum was younger his mother was worried that his skin would stay pale and not turn brown. And although his skin never turned brown when he was a teenager it did get tan enough to be acceptable by most. Not that Tantrum had much to worry about, he was highborn. His father was a politician and a well respected one. His mother was the sister to the Grand Cleric, no one would dare question what he looked like. But regardless, for his mother it was more about what people might think. Her fears were of no consequence for Tantrum lived a life of the elite class of Barga, he had no worries. He was thirty cycles old and had accomplished much for one so young. He was the youngest commander in the two hundred years of Barga’s inception, but many had felt that was because Tantrum was the nephew of the Grand Cleric. This was obviously not spoken in public places. This was far from being true though. Tantrum was the most skilled warrior in the empire, he was a master at weapons and hand to hand combat. His ascendant magic skills were unequalled and some would say he was even more skilled than the Grand Cleric himself. But that was something not yet proven. Even if Tantrum had the ascendant skill to go against The Grand Cleric, he did not have the red stone. Red stones were only allowed to be carried by Ocid because the red stone was the most efficient way to conjure and gather ascendant magic. There were various talismans that an ascendant could use. Stones of various color that depending on the color of the stone the talisman could channel more or less ascendant magic. This also went for gold, or silver, or wood from the funa tree. The first grand Cleric Barga was the one to discover the power of talismans, but his fellow brothers from The Seekers saw it as heresy. The use of magic was strictly forbidden. This was how the empire of Barga was first started, when Barga who was one of the council left the Seekers, two others of the council left with him. Many from the clan who admired the three also left with them.

Tantrums hair was pulled back into a bun to keep it off of his shoulders. Though it wasn’t too long it wasn’t befitting of a commander while on duty to wear his hair down. He had a wide bridged nose like his mother, and full lips that he also took after from his mother. His longer face was that of his father as well as his smaller nostrils and heavy bridged eyebrow region. His eyebrows gave him the impression that he was always angry by how the brows arced downward. His best friend since childhood had always made fun of Tantrum about his eyebrows. Vendi’s continued joke question was always, are you mad? Tantrums hair though came from his ancestors for Tantrums parents had more tighter frizzy curls. Tantrums great ancestor Barga was said to have hair more like Tantrum. Tantrum was of average height. His mother was actually taller, and his father was shorter. His build was medium but strong and well defined from his years of training as an ascendant warrior. His face was clean shaven. It was common for a man to wear a beard, mustache, or goatee. Tantrum did not want to bring more attention to him in a negative fashion due to his red hair so he remained cleaned shaven. As he rode he reflected back on his life in Barga. For him in his youth even as a highborn life was difficult looking so different from the others. He lived a life of prestige but children will be children and say cruel things, even to the son of a judge. He was often called ghost child for his pale skin that he had in his youth. Or that his mother mated with a demon to produce his red hair. Tantrum never told his parents because he wanted to be liked and never considered a tater tale. Besides had he told his father any children would be greatly reprimanded for insulting the son of a judge. Tantrum kept his focus and channeled the pain growing up into forging a great warrior. That same focus it would seem also helped him learn how to use his ascendant magic so well. The hurried gallop of horse hooves disrupted his momentary life’s reflection. Looking over his shoulder he saw a messenger rushing in his direction on horseback. It was Ocid The Grand Cleric’s messenger, he wore the white robe signifying his occupation. Tantrum knew the messenger came for him, who else would he be coming for? Tantrum pulled on the reins of his horse halting his steed allowing the messenger to catch up to him. The messenger was a young boy no older than fifteen cycles. His young eyes could not contain the urgency in them. The messenger pulled his horse up beside Tantrum and nervously licked his lips.

“The Grand Cleric requests an immediate audience with you Commander! At The Hall Of Ministry!” The boy said almost sounding out of breath. Tantrum looked the boy over.

“You are a new messenger, I have never seen you before.” Tantrum said. “I suppose the other messenger got too old for Uncle Ocid’s taste.” Tantrum said with a slightly masked distaste. The messenger lowered his head afraid to give anything away with his eyes. He did not want to anger the Commander or his master. Tantrum saw the struggle and fought back his emotions for the sake of the boy. “Did my uncle say why he summoned me?”

“No.” The boy shook his head nervously. ‘Only that he must see you immediately!” His voice was shaky. Tantrum shook his head then nodded. Looking down at the boy he spoke.

“Uncle Ocid might hand pick his personal messenger, but to actually take the job along with its requirements are voluntary. I am sure that you come from a poor family and that they need you to be…” he paused trying to avoid the reality of it. “Messenger.” The word came out almost forced. “But if you’re going to be messenger for the Grand Cleric, you need to focus and get stronger, and put the pain behind you. Take advantage of your occupation to help you gain higher positions in our society boy. You’ll be a messenger for at least three cycles. After that you’ll be nothing but tossed aside if you haven’t heeded my words.” Tantrum tapped the side of his horse urging it down the street. Tantrum eyed the large castle like building off in the distance, the Hall Of Ministry and took off toward it at full gallop.

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R. Sulli

It had been several days since Hiro and Luana escaped from the VCI reserve, and without incident. They were able to stay under the radar of Overwatch Prime who searched for them. They avoided cities where they would be noticed, and stuck to traveling through smaller rural areas where people tended to mind their own business, but even that was still a risk. Luana stole a vehicle and destroyed its GPS tracer, and the onboard insurance camera so that the vehicle could not be traced. And yet again Hiro wondered what she was that she could tinker and manipulate the electronic devices, was she a mutate, or humanite? It was frustrating to him that Luana was so guarded about herself, he helped her escape VCI, the least should could do was open up and give him more information about herself. He knew nothing about her save for that she came from VCI and was possibly a test subject as he was. The cause of his frustrations were that he found himself attracted to her, and no matter how much he told himself it was a bad idea he ended becoming that much more attracted to her. The stolen car was fine until they were spotted by a police car, a chase ensued and Luana eventually lost their pursuers thanks to her fancy driving. The car was heavily damaged though so they had to ditch it and walk on foot. The duo found themselves walking out in the country in green wide open hilly fields. The one and only goal was to get out of Kentucky and as far away from VCI as possible. They did not realize how difficult that would be. They were still in Kentucky, and only a few days away from VCI. It was time for Hiro to replenish again, he could feel his power slowly fading. He stopped walking.

“Wait.” He said looking around. Luana stopped and looked back at Hiro impatiently. 

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“Searching for any body of water. A creek, river, pond, or lake. Anyplace I can replenish.” 

“So you have to be immersed in water to do that?” Luana asked. Hiro closed his eyes sniffing the air for traces of water sources. Luana thought he looked foolish.

“Depends on my level of weakness. The way you found me the other day on the VCI reserve? That time I needed to be immersed in water, I was too drained. Right now a nice tall glass of water would suffice as it has since we left the reserve because I replenished. But if I don’t get a glass soon, I will need more than just a glass of water in a few hours. I don’t want to get at that level of weakness again ever!”

“So you can maintain your power levels like you had back at the lake against the Black Squad?”

“No. The only time I have that kind of power is if I am immersed water. But I’m not a weakling either even when I am not in water, just not at that level.” Hiro shook his head realizing something. “Why am I telling you things about me when you don’t say shit about you to me? How about let’s not have a double standard? I have busted my ass to help a damn woman I don’t even know!” Hiro said enraged. Luana looked at him with focused temper. 

“Did you forget that if not for me you’d still be laying on your ass back in the reserve waiting for Black Squad to pick you up?” 

“You won’t guilt me with that, because you needed me! That’s why you came to me to begin with! In fact Black Squad caught you pretty quickly! That damn gun you had didn’t even do anything for you to stop them, and swinging a tree trunk at them was useless as well! You say I would still be laying on the ground back on that reserve? But I freed you from your shackles! Or did you forget? You have done nothing but treat me like a piece of shit and talk down to me! But maybe you’re the piece of shit! Did you ever think of that? You’re nothing but a cold hearted bitch!” His words were hurtful to her, she tried to wave them off but found all she could do was lower her head and catch her breath trying to digest it all. Hiro expected Luana to lash out angrily at him, he waited. She grabbed the zipper that was in the middle of her VCI jumpsuit and unzipped it by pulling the zipper down to her midsection. She then opened the suit exposing her breasts, Hiro stepped back in shock. “What are you doing?” He said bringing his arms up defensively, he did not realize he was doing this but he had never seen a woman’s breasts before. Luana remained silent. Pulling her arms out of the jumpsuit she lowered pushing it down off of her hips, once she did that the jumpsuit fell to her ankles. She stood back up to reveal that she was fully naked. Hiro stared at her body taking it all in. She was flawless, so beautiful. 

“I owe you for helping me escape, fuck me.” She said in a saddened voice. Hiro looked up at her eyes his own wide in disbelief.

“What?” He gasped. Luana did not blink, her face was bland.

“I said fuck me.” She said without emotion. Hiro turned his back to her feeling flustered. 

“No!” He said sounding like a little boy, there was shame in his voice for the desires he was now feeling. 

“You know you want to, I can tell.” She said calmly. “Your heartbeat is elevated, you also have an erection.” 

“You don’t know what I’m feeling!” He said defensively, he kept his back to her. 

“I know exactly what you’re feeling, I was created for the pleasure of men. And right now I know you want to fuck me.” Luana stood there waiting patiently. It was then Hiro realized what she just said to him, he quickly turned around staring into her eyes starting to understand.

“You said created. Everything that you have done so far, it makes sense. Hacking electric equipment, listening in on radio communications, enhanced strength and speed. You’re an android aren’t you?” Hiro could see in Luana’s eyes the pain of the reality of what he just said. She fought down her emotions and kept her eyes locked on his.

“This will be the last time I ask you. Do you want to fuck me or not? I can assure you that I can bring you great pleasure, it was why I was created.” Upon saying that Luana’s eyes began to well up with tears, but her face showed no sadness. Hiro had now calmed and took pity on her. 

“No, it would be wrong to do so.” He said softly.

“I can assure you that your moral code would not be scarred if you fucked me. Or do you mean your moral code would not be left in tact if you fucked a pleasure droid?” Tears streams fully down the sides of her face. 

“I merely meant that it would be wrong to take advantage of a woman in such ways.” Hiro looked to the ground. Luana reached down and pulled her jumpsuit up dressing herself. She zipped it up then spoke.

“Since you said that you did not want to fuck me I am no longer obligated to pay you for your services. This is where we part ways Mr. Oda.” She said. Turning around she walked off going down the winding hills, Hiro watched her walk away unsure what to do, he was in utter disbelief. The biggest disbelief was that his heart had not changed in regards to the feelings he felt for Luana. But now this new series of events most certainly made things a triffle more difficult, and that was an understatement. 

Valhalla sat in the chair in his penthouse watching the news from a large monitor on the wall, Director Biyase stood silently with his arms crossed in front of him, he stood in front of Valhalla’s office desk. After the news went off about Hiro, Valhalla laughed a hearty laugh standing up clapping his hands, the monitor shut off. 

“Sacred? Overwatch Prime is sending Sacred to bring down H2O?” He clapped his hands once excitedly while walking around his desk toward the director. “This will be a full out test for H2O, let’s see if he comes into the realization of his true power. I need some damn popcorn for this battle!” He patted Director Biyase on the shoulder, Biyase did not seem amused. It was a strange friendship between the two indeed. 

“So everything is going according to your plans then?” Biyase said looking at Valhalla blankly. 

“I honestly won’t know yet. But this battle? H2O has true power, and I think he is more than a match for Sacred, but he just has to come into his power before then! A true battle of the gods indeed!” Valhalla giggled like a little boy, Biyase just stared at him with almost debatable disgust, Valhalla took notice. He calmed himself, the smile wiped from his face, the laughter now gone from his voice. Valhalla walked over to the viewing window looking out over the city. “You don’t understand all of this my friend, but it is all necessity. I have seen things that maybe I’ll tell you one day, maybe even today.”

“And what if I do not really care to know?” Biyase said coldly. Valhalla turned looking at Biyase with a half smile.

“If someone knew the day of your death, would you want to know the day you died and how, so you could avoid it?” The two men stared at one another in silence upon Valhalla’s question. Finally the director spoke.

“It would not be important to know, what is meant, is meant.” Biyase said with calm conviction.

“Oh come now, you don’t really believe that bullshit do you? You make it sound as if you believe in fate. But you’re a humanite, your kind don’t believe in such things. But then again, Sacred believes in God so who knows?” 

“A belief is an opinion, what I know to be factual is that one can not stop what is meant to be!” Biyase said it firmly. Valhalla turned back around looking out of the viewing window crossing his arms. He chose not to bicker over this, there were more important things to speak of.

“I stand corrected. One can not debate facts? But maybe one would stand a better chance if he understood the facts!” Valhalla said. 

“And what is there to understand if you see the truth before you?” Biyase asked, now it was Valhalla’s turn to be silent for a moment before speaking.

“Excuse me, I misquoted. Let me rephrase.” Valhalla turned facing the director again, he placed both hands into the pockets of his suit pants, he was very serious looking. “If someone knew the day that most of the people on this planet died, would you want to know how so you could avoid the end of mostly all life on this planet?” Valhalla’s eyes went serious, and for the first time Biyase showed the emotion of curiosity. Valhalla’s words had drawn him in. 

“What is it that you know?” Biyase asked very seriously, he knew that for Valhalla to say what he did he had good reason. 

“Oh, so now I have your attention? Maybe after we see how this ordeal with H2O turns out I will tell you.” Valhalla walked away, Biyase did not try to stop him, or ask anymore questions. He knew there would be another time.